Notes From a Local Scene: 24 Hours in Guanajuato

November 15, 2017

When I knew we were moving to Mexico, I stopped myself from feeling sad about leaving the Dominican Republic by reminding myself that we were going to experience some cool adventures here. About a month and a half ago, a friend posted a super cool teaser of La Catrina Festival in Guanajuato. That’s all it took; I looked at Husband and said, “This is it. This is exactly why we came to Mexico. We’re going.” He didn’t respond, which is typical. The next day our mini getaway to GTO Mexico was booked.

We went with a few new friends so we rented a Suburban to fit us all. Correction, since I have the world’s best jobs that both give me flexibility and freedom, I rented the Suburban which meant I also had to drive the Suburban. Guys, I felt like Daenerys Targaryen navigating around on a dragon.

We stayed at an airbnb that was walking distance from town. The grounds were something out of a children’s book with secret gardens and hiding spots full of adventure and plenty of room for the kids (and Mr. Joe) to explore and run like wild things. I think the pups liked it too.

We arrived late Friday so we didn’t head into the downtown area til Saturday morning. The walk was a pretty cool way to get our bearings and we had to walk through a tunnel that looked more like the Bat Cave than any tunnel I’ve ever driven through.

Since the festival didn’t start up til about 1:00 we had time to marvel at the beauty of this town at our own discretion.

The narrow streets had so much color and character. One turn could land you in a completely different direction, finding some cute little cafe you would have never ran into otherwise. Narrow alley ways and cobblestone streets and french doors that opened up to wrought iron balconies made me daydream about traveling back in time to live in Guanajuato. Who knows… maybe I would have been besties with Frida.

Maybe Frida and I would have hung out here – La Taberna de Diego y Frida
a snapshot of our travel crew

It was an Instagrammer’s dream. I couldn’t help but get good shots of the kids everywhere –  doing all the things in all the places because honestly, Guanajuato is as charming as it sounds.

We stopped for an early afternoon break at a small corner café for drinks, guacamole, and chips… because Mexico.

Afterwards, I found churros (filled with condensed milk!!!) and got one. Then we spotted a sausage guy at an outdoor market and ate one of those. Found a nieve* place – ate a nieve also. And then a cappuccino at a Cuban cafe because why the heck not. Vacation.

We knew there was more to do that evening so we wandered around a bit more before heading home for dinner and a couple hours to relax.

We returned that night and the place had come alive. I jokingly said to Husband that it was like being in Epcot’s Mexico to which he replied back, “Yeah. But for real.” It was as gorgeous at night as it was during the day.

a callejeonado through the streets of Guanajuato to Callejon del Beso.

We started a callejeonado, a tour in which you are accompanied by a band that takes you through the small streets of Guanajuato to Callejon del Beso. With the big crowd and two small kids in tow, we snuck away and our friend, Mary, guided us there instead. There is a much longer version of the love story behind el Callejon del Beso but it’s said that if you want your love to last forever, you have to kiss your beloved on the third step.

So we did.

We kissed everyone.

If you have the chance to visit GTO Mexico…

Do it. Don’t ask questions. Just go. I can’t wait to plan our next trip back for much longer than 24 hours.

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Thanks for being a…

*nieve – the word means snow but this was something between ice cream and an icey.


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