Friday Roundup: A Seriously Good Belly Laugh & Beautiful Beach Pics

September 16, 2016

Daily life in the Dominican Republic is hardly as easy as daily life in New Jersey. It doesn’t have all of the “luxuries” and more dangers (aka driving) but it does have its benefits. Take, for example, this weekend. This weekend we’re going here:


Bayahibe, Dominican Republic bayahibe-boats-in-bayahibeThis is Bayahibe, a fishing town 10 miles east of La Romana. We are staying at an AirBnb in Cadaqués. Inspired and named after a town in Northern Spain, it is “the unique combination of daily mediterranean life and relaxed island feeling with all the amenities of a small village.” Uhhh? Do you know me? There isn’t much more I could ask for. A pretty big group is going as a birthday celebration and from what I’ve heard it isn’t only dreamy for parents but heaven for kids. Some people are planning on snorkeling, some diving. Me? I plan to do none of it. Maybe a game of beach volleyball. If I could find an ATV, I’m doing it. If it doesn’t involve a margarita – forget it.

And since I have never been, I am so excited. Correction… so freaking excited. Like this freaking excited:A Seriously Good Belly Laugh

No. More like this freaking excited.

I'm so freaking excitedThis is Kristen Wiig, the genius, and this is my favorite SNL skit of probably all time. I CANNOT watch this without laughing uncontrollably, like an ugly laugh that involves nose snorting and tears. And since I figured we could all use a seriously good belly laugh today you’ve gotta watch it.


I can’t wait to take lots of pictures and report back to you guys with the scoop on Bayahibe.




Photo & Video Creds:
1. Lighthouse and 2. Water at Bayahibe via Reinhard Link 3. Fishing boat in Bayahibe 4. Video courtesy of Manolo Uresti Santillana on Vimeo.

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