An American Born Abroad: Part Dos

November 28, 2011

When most parents think of their kid’s first year they think of pretty normal milestones: first smile, first words, first steps, first birthday. Most wouldn’t include first passport.

It was very important (especially to her Cuban abuela) that Rafa be American. In fact, when we first told my mom about pregnantly moving abroad her first question was whether or not our baby would be an American citizen. So here, mom, without further ado is her passport and Consular Report of Birth Abroad.

American Citizen Abroad
An American Born Abroad

Interesting side note: apparently baby passport pictures are not easy to take. Her original picture (left) made her look like a mean elf. Her accepted passport picture (right) makes her look mad tough. Shes all, “What?! I dare you to say something.”

Husband and I joked that since we were flying home for Christmas, airport security was going to think that she was one of Santa’s elves trying to get into Newark Airport with a fake passport.

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