An Unveiling: Christmas Card 2012

December 7, 2012

So today is a special day; t’s the Christmas Card 2012 reveal. I look forward to this every year and every year I I look diligently through our photos for a solidly ridiculous picture. In the beginning of December, I begin hounding Husband about choosing a picture for the Christmas card. Every year he ignores me by falling back on his Deaf Ear Syndrome (DES) and I end up doing it myself. In his defense, he comes in like Mariano Rivera to close the game, usually taking my artful masterpiece and making it printer ready.

This year, 3 cards made the finals.

Let’s review…

Christmas Card Finalist #1

With the cuteness that exudes Rafaella’s very being, it was hard to not pick a typical, cutesie baby picture. This kid is so photogenic that when I stood her to the side this morning at the migration office to take her picture for her residence card she kept looking forward to the camera, chin down, eyes on camera, smiling big. She knows her way around the camera. And doesn’t everyone love a cute baby Christmas card?

Christmas Card Finalist #2

Makes me laugh. I was never a napping person… until I had a baby. Now I’ll take it where I can get it. Husband’s nap is more of an I’m getting older and tried to go surfing to day and pulled out my back and now I can’t move.

Christmas Card Finalist #3

Because not only does it show our life on this beautiful island but floating space rocket ship Jersey is the single most ridiculous picture I took all year.

And the winner of the Official Christmas Card of 2012


Christmas Card Finalist #2 – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen!

Husband wanted to keep this tradition silly, “I don’t want to be the parents that send cute pictures of their kids for Christmas.” Agreed. I love getting pictures of other people’s kids at Christmas time but this tradition for me was never intended to be serious.


Is that the card you would have chosen? 


P.S. Awesome Christmas traditions and great ideas for wrapping Christmas gifts.

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