Beep, Beep. Beep, Beep… tired!

September 18, 2013

The Problems:
For the past few weeks, my head has felt like a super soaked sponge that just can’t absorb any more water. We moved into a new apartment this year so we’ve been organizing, decorating, making notes of things that need fixing, fixing. In the blogging world, things are going well; spreading out, making contacts, hopefully contributing posts to other blogs. It feels good after two years of consistent writing and posting to be getting a little more recognition. Awesome. Rafaella’s 2nd birthday party is coming up and I’ve been designing, printing, and rolling invites with the best of them. Thanksgiving is a bit away but planning for the long weekend is now
The Mental Issues:
I wish I could make it easier on myself and send out Evites or store bought invites or not take so many pictures, or leave things slightly unorganized but I can’t. I am a perfectionist. And an organizing looney. Trust me, it’s harder on me than it is on anyone else. And here’s the thing, everything happening right now is great stuff – new apartment, blogging small successes, planning for an amazing long beach weekend, throwing my baby’s 2nd birthday party – all great, but between all of that great stuff is my mind’s capacity that is holding on for dear life. The other night I sent myself to bed at 8:30 just so I wouldn’t have to think about anything. Of course once I got to bed I had to get back up to sneak into Santiago’s room just to make sure he was still breathing because yes I am still that crazy mother. And when I got in there he was asleep on his belly and I wanted to roll him over but like every sleep deprived mother, I didn’t want to wake him up, so… I called my mom. She gave me the pep talk I needed, the He’ll be fine pep talk
The List:
So to recap, I’ve been writing, mothering, fixing up, trying to find time for volleyball and catching up on the monthly photo books for my second child, Santiago. His sister got monthly photo books so by God, he will get monthly photo books! (Hi Mommy Guilt – you old bitch.) So that led me to decide that obviously, this was a good time to organize my photos, videos, and files on my computer. Oh, and do I have lots of photos, videos, and files. So many that my computer is quickly running out of room. So I’ve dedicated this week to organizing that. Backing up pictures on “My Passport” and Shutterfly is easy but takes time. The videos are another story. I have so many little home videos of Rafa’s first year and all of that raw footage is on my computer and until I make something out of it, I can’t erase it. So, add that to the list of organizing this week. 
When I finish working for the day, I feel a little more organized and my computer feels a little less heavy. And the real silver lining is that I get to watch something I’ve created over and over again that makes me happy like to the soul happy. It may take a lot of time (hours to be exact) but when it’s done, this 3 minute video is totes worth it. 
Here’s a glimpse into one of my projects that I could officially check off my To Do List for this week:
 Make “Drive My Car” video with Rafa’s car footage

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