Daddy's Girl

Day 8

October 15 – Day 8 with Rafaella   Rafaella’s first milk mustache looks a little eerily like a Hitler mustache. Maybe she’s trying to tell us something, perhaps that she dictates this relationship… Husband loves this little girl so much. He rushes home from work to give me a break and scoops her up. Sometimes he takes afternoon naps with her or just stares out the window. It’s not hard to see that she is already a daddy’s girl. On a...


Day 12 of Motherhood: Cravings

It’s not my mom’s Cuban kitchen without her mamoncillos. Here, in the Dominican Republic, they call them lemoncillos. She said that when my grandmother was pregnant with her, she craved and ate a ton of these and maybe that’s why she’s so obsessed with them. It came from the womb. In fact, my mom is so obsessed that when she saw a street vendor selling them she bought every branch he had. Good day for the mamoncillo guy. If that’s the case, I...

Motherhood Day 5

SnapShots: Day 5 of Motherhood

October 12, 2011 – Day 5   Day 5 of motherhood is much easier when you have help around. My mom (Abuelita to Baby Rafa) and Abuelita (Mami Dora to Baby Rafa) are head over for their first grand/great-grand daughter so to say they are hands on is an understatement. Thanks goodness. I’m loving my village right about now. Many of you told me (and Jersey) to get the cuddles in because once I had the baby, the dogs, particularly Jersey...