A Riddle, a Gem, a Best Friend

Here’s a riddle… What do all cities have that most tourists know nothing about?  Hidden gems.  Born and raised here until she was 5, my best friend, Laura, was the first person I called when we got this job. “You’ll never guess where we’re going.”“Dominican Republic.”  Oh, so she guessed it. She is my best friend after all.  A few weeks ago, we were talking about her upcoming trip to Dominican Republic. She is coming for a wedding and decided...

Soundtrack of my Life

Soundtrack of My Life

This weekend was unbelievably unforgettable for so many reasons but none more than the ability to make whatever choice at whatever moment. One of the biggest pleasures of my weekend; however, was something I haven’t done in years: listen to music. As I sat at the pool, taking in the Caribbean sub, just me and my Baby Boy Bump, I plugged in my headphones – one end to my belly and the other end to my ears. I let myself sink into each song. At times,...

Villa Serena

Girls’ Yoga Weekend: Las Galeras

Living on a tropical island comes with its perks. Besides the Caribbean Ocean, the fresh fruit, the palm trees, the laid back attitudes, the manageable lifestyle with nannies and maids – weekend trips are high on the list of perks. In truth, Husband and I haven’t taken many weekend trips with the constant pregnancy and newborn phases in constant rotation since we arrived to DR but this weekend that changes. The great Shayna friend organized a Girls’ Yoga Weekend Retreat. She...