What’s On Tap This Month – NOVEMEBER (Christmas Edition)

Note: All opinions stated on monthly What’s on Tap posts are my honest opinion. Sponsored reviews can be submitted for review but DTWB only promotes products I genuinely like. Since this is the season of giving, sharing and helping, I decided to skip my usual Tap this month and instead share this list as a way to help my fellow (wo)/man with the What-do-I-give-my-(fill in blank)-for-Christmas Blues. You’ll notice that I’m giving you more than enough time to order, ship, and wrap...

Bucket List

New Year’s 2013: Make Your Life’s To Do List

I figured since I’ve talked about my Life’s To Do List before, that I’d share it with you, along with the basics of how to make a bucket list, to help you get started on one for the New Year. Remember, this list is ever evolving and changing. I add things. I delete things. In my physical, Life’s To Do List Journal, I keep pictures and memorabilia from things I have checked off. Your list should serve as a reminder...

Halloween at Carol Morgan School

Halloween at Carol Morgan

Here’s a glimpse of Carol Morgan School’s grounds on a normal day. In what seems to be Dominican fashion (go BIGGER than Texas), this is what Carol Morgan looks like for Halloween: While in the US, the teachers are responsible for not just teaching, but grading, planning, conferencing, copying, advising, and in many cases, parenting (all during their lunch hour), they are also responsible for decorating their classrooms and bulletin boards (also to be done during their lunch hour). Here,...