Notes from a Local Scene: Coffee Shop Love at La Despensa

August 31, 2017

It’s funny how you miss a lot of things when you get stuck in routines. Don’t get me wrong, I need routine in my life,  if I want to survive (especially as a mom) but there’s no doubt that routine can* kill adventure. Our house is a 10 minute, straight shot, walk to school. We go down the same road every day and it’s the quickest route so we don’t stray. Our house is also a 10 minute walk to an area with a great park, a supermarket, and a bunch of restaurants and coffee spots. Sounds like we have everything we need.

And we do but last week, on a walk to Happy Hour, I found even more! We went in the opposite direction as the great park area and just a little past the block I routinely walk our dogs, I discovered this gem. Can you say coffee shop love? (Who knew that exploring could lead to discovery? #sarcasm):

coffee shop La Despensa

coffee shop in Providencia, GDL

La Despensa is a coffee spot and shop. Coffee and lattes made in all sorts of methods (french press , slow drip, acropress?? etc.) and it also sells a good selection of local, organic, artisanal, and imported items like this Coconut Oil I bought there.

coffee shop in Guadalajara

La Despensa in Providencia coffee shop, Guadalajara

The sidewalk window was a quirky surprise that my kids found with utter excitement (and it didn’t hurt that the guys gave them free cookies so you know they have that coffee shop love thang happening too). It’s also a pretty darn convenient place to grab coffee when you’re walking the dogs.

coffee shop love

It’s a small place with one table outside and seems more like a shop meant for people on the go than sitting and sipping for a while. I probably won’t be working from here but I will no doubt be changing my route from time to time to stop by this neighborhood gem.

Cheers to exploring and finding fun new coffee shops!

coffee shop love in Providencia, Guadalajara

P.S. A “Coffee Talk” to remind your kid to blaze like a MOFO and notes from another local scene: an up an coming neighborhood in Charleston. SC




  1. “…there’s no doubt that routine can* kill adventure” – Routine doesn’t automatically equate to the killing of adventure but it requires work on your part. You have to be willing to break from routine and make the decision to go in search of adventure.

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