Consider Yourself Lucky

August 17, 2015

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Where Dreams Dwell

We returned back to our little island life on Friday with all but one suitcase – one casualty – not bad if you ask me. And today, Monday, is the first day back at Husband’s school. All the familiar faces. Same laughs, same gestures, same smiles. Same questions, same answers. How was your summer? – It was awesome. 

It’s a good day. So, clearly, I looked for a coming home quote.

When we initially had the conversation about moving abroad, the reasons were one: find a place we could afford to live where I could be a writer. Living in exotic destinations seemed dope. Saving money was a bonus. But neither was a decision maker. Heck, having help to care for our family wasn’t even something we had understood until we arrived here. They were all good reasons to move abroad but secondary to the one:

find a place we could afford to live where I could be a writer.

Now here for 5 years (can you believe it.. 5 YEARS?!?!), I’ve stumbled through all of the phases of being a writer – wanting to write, actually starting to write, doubting myself, letting others doubt me, believing I could be a writer – and I’ve finally arrived at knowing I am. Knowing that being a writer had nothing to do with how I could profit from it and understanding that being a writer was always who I was with or without financial reward. I have loved writing since before I could remember loving anything. Since before I loved puppies and boys. Maybe not puppies, but boys for sure. It was my first crush, my first love. It is everything. It wasn’t just part of my soul, it is my soul and heart and guts and squishy little organs.

Our souls create our dreams. Dreams create reality. And when your soul can live in the reality that your dreams have created, that you have created for yourself and you can call that place home – for any number of years – consider yourself lucky. Consider yourself real lucky.

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    1. Bravo that you have achieved your dreams! You are a writer whether you can make a living or not, it is a frame of mind. Same with a musician, singer, or whatever. If it is a passion and you love it, then that is what you are! You can be very proud of yourself 🙂

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