Cool Photography Projects: Wine Portraits!

April 8, 2016

Does this ever happen to you >>> You watch a movie, read a book, listen to a song, or whisper a perfectly constructed sentence back to yourself a million times wishing you were the one that came up with it? As if that creation sang to your inner spirit animal? As if that “thing” was so aligned with everything you intrinsically are that you could have created it yourself… and wished you had???  Because it happens to me a lot but not as much as this time with Marcos Alberti’s Wine Project that tops my list of cool photography projects.

Co-creator and friend over at High Five History came across this cool photography project and sent it my way. The photographer, Marcos Alberti “put together some of his passions” (wine, friends and photography… ummm hello me?!?!) and created this winetastically fun and sweet project, The Wine Project.

The Wine Project quotes a saying that goes something like this, “The first glass of wine is all about the food, the second glass is about love and the third glass is about mayhem.” Doh! I wish I came up with this idea more and more because, seriously people, you know what it means when you’ve had 3 glasses of wine, right? I’ll tell you… you’ve drank the whole bottle. Oh, Marcos Alberti, you are a deliciously sweet, mad genius.

Here a few of my favorites:

Cool Photography Projects about wine Marcos Alberti Wine Project

Cool Photography Wine Project Wine Project Portrait after 1,2,3 glasses

See the rest of Wine Project on Marcos Alberti’s page.

But for reals, who’s Jerry Maguire style “comin’ with me” on the DTWB version of this project???

P.S. If I had a wine cave or what to get your wine-derful friend.

Who's coming with me


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