Dominican Republic Resorts: Cadaques Bayahíbe, Studio Rental

November 15, 2016

a studio rental at CADAQUÉS BAYAHÍBE

OVERALL RATING: 🍷🍷🍷🍷.4  (4.4 OUT OF 5)

Dominican Republic Resorts Cadaques Bayahibe


If I told you how much we paid for a night here you wouldn’t believe me (keep reading to find out.) And when you see what we got for that price, you’ll be even less likely to believe me. I mean, just look at that war. We’ve done a good amount of visiting in the Dominican Republic and this place for us as a family was one of the best. It had Husband counting down the days before our next return… which says a lot since he isn’t typically the planner in our house.

I do want to note that this is not a sponsored post and that my review ONLY reflects my experience in this particular studio rental and no other accommodations in Cadaques resort.

Dominican Republic Resorts: CadaquesPRICE:

Cadaqués has different accommodations. They offer hotel style rooms and als suites equipped with kitchenettes. There is an all-inclusive option but I don’t know exactly what that offers since we didn’t stay with them via their website. I booked our studio through AirBNB for $65/night. Yeah. I said $65 a night. And wait, if you book long term, they cut the cost by 50%! Even as I’m typing it out, I can’t believe that price.


Ugh. No. It is the only setback that I can find with this place.



OK. Let’s get to business here because this place is seriously amaze. It is a haven of European flare with Caribbean vibe, “the unique combination of daily mediterranean life and relaxed island feeling with all the amenities of a small village.” It is. It totally is. The grounds were clean and our studio apartment was located right in the center, close to the main pool, close to the beach & restaurant, and right next to the chapel. Husband and I joked that we should get re-married here as we could totally see why this would be a convenient and beautiful spot to get hitched. There are ‘s even an arcade on the grounds!

Village in Cadaques Resort

Over by the beach was the pier, the beach restaurant, and more space than you’d know what to do with. There was a playground space for kids with different swig sets and play structures,  a sand soccer field and beyond that a sand volleyball court. The ocean was the color you close your eyes and imagine a beach to be. The 3 pools were perfectly designed to cater to everyone. The beach pool was great for those that wanted to stick close to the beach and the main pool stretched out far and included a wet bar. Hey now. And the splash water park pool was crack for the kids.

Splash water park Cadaques ResortWater slide at Cadaques Water Park fun for adults at Cadaques

Cadaques Kid Friendly

The only small disappointment was the closed little stores, spa/salon, cute café inside Cadaqués. The young guy that helped check us in mentioned that they are in the process of changing management so I assum this was the reason for those things being closed. It was not something that made a huge difference during my weekend but it would have added a little more life and variety to the community feel inside.

Overall, I loved walking around the village, feeling like I was lost somewhere in Europe.

Chapel in Cadaques Caribe

ROOM: 🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 OUT OF 5)

Our room was a small studio that slept 3 people but with kids, it slept 4. It was a bit tight for a family since we come with so much extra stuff but we didn’t need anything else for our stay. For a low key couple, its got everything you need. The kitchenette is basic – 2 plate stove, mini fridge, microwave – but for a weekend it was fine. Since we didn’t know the set up or fridge size, we didn’t bring much food. Next time,  we will be better prepared.

The room was a balcony large enough to fit a small table and two chairs. It is incredibly sunny during the day, so breakfast on the balcony would be impossible but an evening wine could definitely happen. Like I mentioned above, I also really liked the location of our apartment, at the center of everything.

Some of the details in the room needed a facelift but for what we needed it for (to sleep) and at that price, I was super happy with it.

LOCATION: 🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 OUT OF 5)

Town is not far by car, but outside of the Cadaques Resort, there isn’t anything you could walk to. It’s on a road with other resorts but any restaurants outside of the resort would be in town.

Town is worth checking out. There’s a handful of on-the-water restaurants but don’t expect anything fancy, at least not in this fishing town.

However, Bayahibe is a popular jumping off point to other pristine beaches. Many people, take a catamaran to Isla Saona or Canto de la Playa and spend the day. It’s totally an option from Bayahibe.

Bayahibe Resort

SERVICE: 🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 OUT OF 5)

Fine. There was some paper work and bracelets that people needed but that we accidentally bypassed. Additionally, the water park was extra. The kids needed a bracelet for that but the whole process was rather quick.

A friend and I spent the first night at the beach bar for a bit so the bartenders knew us for the rest of the weekend and that’s always a good thing.

The only mishap was one of the security guys at the splash water park who made some stink about one of the kids in our group not being able to wear his shirt. He went as far as to bring us a rule book. No shirts allowed. See?! When he realized it was a swim shirt, he left us alone but it seemed like a silly thing to make such a big deal about.


Immediate. On the Sunday before, I brought up the trip to Husband. It was a last minute booking. I sent a message to my host on AirBNB and she quickly sent me a reply with a booking offer. It was fast and simple and done in no time. Even after we booked and after our stay, when I contacted her, her response was just as quick.

Cadaques Dominican Republic Resort

OVERALL RATING:🍷🍷🍷🍷.4 (4.4 OUT OF 5)

I want to remind you, reader, that these ratings are based on my experience and this particular studio rental. A 4 out of 5 🍷s is great in my book but if you’re looking for something more spacious or fancier – there are a lot of options. Also, location is not a key factor for everyone. Many people coming to visit Cadaqués aren’t looking to leave the resort, so being close to a town might not factor in for some of you.

Basically, what I’m saying is that this place is pretty, stinking’ fabulous (minus not allowing pets). If you are thinking about a Dominican vacation that works for both kids and adults, this could very well be it.

Take another shot: Check out these SnapShots of our weekend in Cadaqués or scope out this spot in Playa Rincon.

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