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March 30, 2017

If you’re not interested in hearing a story about “girl power” today – keep it moving. Strong girls grow up to be strong women. So, this post is all about empowering girls. While a t-shirt might not start a revolution, it can make a statement and spread a story. And this girl power t-shirt tells exactly the kind of story I want to share with you, and more importantly, my kids.

Muchacha Power started simply and, as the mom of a strong, smart, and beautiful Latina girl who delights in princess ideas, I get it. My daughter is 5 and her love for princesses started years ago. We don’t ban princesses, we just make sure she is balanced by stories of strong women and powerful female role models.


For many little girls, the princess fairy tale is a strong narrative. Needing to be saved or rescued is told and retold and if little girls see themselves as the princess (which they often do) then they, too, need rescuing. And for girls with darker features, though images of light-eyed, fair-skinned princesses are diversifying, they still dominate the market. Cynthia, wanted – as I think many moms of daughters (and sons) want – for her child to see herself as more than someone who needed saving. “Where were our girls in the super hero line-up?”



After hearing her daughter’s definition of a princess, Cynthia understood first-hand what the lack of diversifying princesses and characters could mean to a young girl. It meant looking around and never seeing someone who looked like you in a place of power or value or beauty. Cynthia knew she had to respond. “I wanted her to see herself as I did – powerful and strong.  I wanted to celebrate her curls, her language, her bravery in every day tasks.”

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Empowering girls and women

A small and growing t-shirt business, Muchacha Power is personal, of course. But more than that, Cynthia has created a local business that creates local jobs. The clothes are made in the Dominican Republic and Muchacha Power works with women-owned businesses and seamstresses which “supports programs that empower girls & women with education and employment.”

When I came across Muchacha Power, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I wanted to share the story of the Latina superhero who is bold, brave y fuerte and who encourages us to be the same. So, I reached out to Cynthia. It became clear that while the main focus of the brand is empowering girls, Muchacha Power was really about lifting each higher and holding up each others’ capes. It’s about everyone being a hero instead of needing one.

When facing a problem, Cynthia and her daughters remind themselves that they are brave. Muchacha Power. In a difficult situation, they remind themselves they are bold. Muchacha Power. When facing a problem, they remind themselves they are fuerte.  Muchacha Power. It has evolved into a mantra for them and one we’d all do well to remember because when we began to see heroes in our likeness, we begin to see ourselves as heroes.

Visit Muchacha Power to join forces and get yourself a shirt, a tee, or a cape. Men! Support the muchachas in your life and showoff a tee, too! Follow them on Instagram or Facebook.

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