Fun Summer Cocktails, Adult Treats in a Glass

June 10, 2016

Ok. ONE. It’s Friday. TWO. It is Husband’s last day of school and our last sleep until flying home to NJ and starting our fabulous summer of vacationing, friends, BBQs, and Target(Yep. Target sure is on that list. And Starbucks should be too.) THREE. Did I mention it’s Friday and Happy Hour is only a few hours away? And FOUR. These fun summer cocktails are so easy to make, you can actually have them ready by happy hour t-o-d-a-y.

P R O S E C C O   P O P S I C L E S

Seriously?! What’s easier than buying a box of fruit popsicles and dunking it into a glass of Prosecco? I could totally imagine myself swirling the popsicle around like a fancy, fruity spoon and letting it melt into by glass of bubbles.

Drinkable Summer Treats for Adults

*Of course you could make your own popsicles, but that’s less time drinking & BBQing…

P E A C H   W I N E    S L U S H I E S

This is such a great way to freshen up an already beautiful glass of white wine. Combine a few cups of fruity, white wine and a few peaches in the blender and puree until smooth and slushied. Serve. Enjoy. Watch the brain freeze.

Peach Wine Slushie

*You could “prepare” your own peaches according to the recipe or use frozen peaches. I think we all know which one I’m using.

 W A T E R M E L O N   C H A M P A G N E

What would a fun summer cocktail list be without summer’s most popular fruit: watermelon. And what better way to use that leftover chopped watermelon – that, let’s be honest, we all always have – than to put it in a refreshing cocktail. Drop the watermelon chunks into a cocktail shaker with a few sprigs of mint and top with lemonade and muddle. Strain the juice into a glass and top with champagne. That’s it.

watermelon champagne fun summer cocktail

 S P I K E D   P E A C H   I C E D   T E A

An Arnold Palmer, named after the famous golfer, is a mix of lemonade and iced tea. John Daly, also a famous golfer (and apparently, a known adult beverage sipper) is the same except with booze. A John Daly is one of my favorite summer drinks and uber simple to make. Mix some sweet tea vodka with lemonade and add ice. Tada! This recipe is a new twist with peach iced tea that I’m excited to try and sip on. Golf clap.

Souther Spiked Peach Iced Tea fun summer cocktail

 C H A M P A G N E   I C E   C U B E S

This one isn’t so much a drink recipe as an idea. Freeze orange juice (or peach nectar, which I’d prefer) in ice cube trays and plop them into your Champagne for a brunch bellini!

fun summer cocktails for adults

 M E L O N   B A L L   P U N C H

How fun does this look? All of those vibrant colors on one glass screams summer. Of the round up, this is the hardest to make (in comparison to dunking a popsicle in Prosecco) and, even with that being said, is still super simple – and totally worth it, combining melon with that yummy mint flavor. Oh and there’s a youtube video guide. Sweet summer fabulous!

adult melon ball punch

 C H A M P A G N E   S O R B E T

Ummmm…. I love this idea – not only because it is super easy but because it has so many possibilities. Mango sorbet, pineapple sorbet, heck – rainbow sorbet. Sorbet is the limit!

Champagne Sorbet fun summer cocktails for adults


~ Be responsible and drink fun summer cocktails with care. ~

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