A Warm Love Kinda Weekend

February 12, 2016

What will you be doing this Valentine’s weekend? The kids are excited about going on vaccaciones (vacation) as if their life isn’t one big beach vacation. Though I must admit this one is large scale. My parents who arrived a few weeks ago and have been staying with us in Santo Domingo have rented a place here for the month. That’s right, the month. And since this writer can work from anywhere, I’ve pretty much already planted my ass in the sand. Maybe I could pull off one of these beach style dates this weekend. Hope you have a love-filled weekend wherever you go and here a few funny weekend meme links from this week that made me laugh really hard.

Popcorn Meme

From Package from Santa


Not Nagging Housewife

From Hot Mess Housewives


Drinking Partners

From Uh Oh Mommy’s Bout 2 Lose Her Shit


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