Gift Guide for Kids Who Like to Do All the Things

November 29, 2017

Gift Guide for Kids

Want to spend more time enjoying the holidays and less time making lists and checking them twice? Avoid the things your kids don’t need and let us help you. Check out Drinking the Whole Bottle’s 2017 gift guide for kids who like to do all the things.  There’s something for everyone. 

OUr Gift Guide for Kids {2017}

Simon or Connect Four // Old School games are the best! My kids just started to really get the hang of Connect Four and it’s pretty awesome. I still wipe the floor with them but, hey, it’s good for them to have goals.

gift guide for kids art set

Crayola Inspiration Art Case, $17.99 // This 140 piece art set is full of color. It makes a great gift for kids, and most adults I know would love to doodle with this too. Bonus… it’s travel friendly.

gift guide for kids ukulele

Ukulele, $59.99 // Husband has wanted to get our son into playing a guitar or Ukulele for a few months now since Ti likes to air strum instruments and sing, “Rocky Rolly,” at the top of his lungs. Here’s a great starter kit which includes online lessons, a tuner, and an app!

Kids’ Travel Journal, $9.99 // What a great way for your kids to remember what they saw and did. Paste in photos, maps, tickets, and other souvenirs. Sketch what they saw. Write down what they did. Rate each day. What a cute idea for a kid to keep track of their vacation memories.

gift guide for kids travel leg pillow

Inflatable Travel Pillow Leg Rest For Kids by KUKI, $25.00 // There is pretty much one direct flight from New York to Guadalajara and it leaves NY at 1:30 am. It’s pretty darn awful and since I want my kids to sleep that means they are draped over me like a cozy sweater and I’m awake for pretty much the whole flight. But this could be the answer so take my money, Inflatable Leg Pillow. Take all my money.

gift guide for kids kids luggage

Durable Luggage Set, $55.99 // Not only are these suitcases durable and cute but kids will feel responsible for their own things with their own personal luggage.

gift guide for kids children's book Ferdinand

The Story of Ferdinand, $4.99 // With a Ferdinand movie coming out, it’s a great time to gift this classic book about being comfortable in your skin and being the person (or bull) that you are comfortable being.

gift guide for kids Christmas Pjs

Long Sleeve Christmas Pajamas Set, $17.99 // What fun is Christmas without some silly Christmas pajamas?!

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