Halloween Costumes for Wine Drinkers

October 29, 2015

I must admit that I love dressing up (see exhibits A, B, and C below) and Halloween is the grand celebration of all things dress up. My favorite part of a costume though are the accessories for – and ask yourself these existential questions – what is a fairy without a wand and wings? What is a sexy cheerleader without her pompoms? Who is Edward, but a regular man, without his Scissorhands?

Halloween Costumes for Functional Drinking

Accessories make the costume.

But I am also a practical girl because after the initial entrance and a few rounds of punch, who wants to hold a pimp cane all night? It isn’t functional. What we need are Halloween costumes for functional drinking, so what if the accessory also doubled as something useful… like a wine glass? Aha! now we’re talking.


Popeye and Olive Oyl

Long ago in yesteryear, or about 7 years ago, Husband and I were Popeye and Olive Oyl for Halloween* and like this couple (sadly I couldn’t find our pictures) the part of tall, lanky Olive Oyl was played by tall, lanky Husband and I was Popeye. The role reversal itself was brilliant but it was Popeye’s spinach can that steals the show, a strong (pun intended) win in the wine accessory category since let’s be real, wine is my spinach. Now I can walk around all night with my spinach can accessory and drink from it.

Popeye and Olive Oyl


Ghost [Drunkers] Busters


This is the Dominican version of Ghostbusters with botellónes* and jumbos of Presidentes but it can easily be redone to fit your purposes. Not seen in the picture are belt holsters we added to hold our bottles for when they weren’t in use.


Message in a Bottle

This one is a bit more eclectic but what better way to drink the whole bottle than to make it part of your outfit. This letter costume is pretty awesome but an even easier version it to find a large piece of cardboard, paint it like a piece of paper and paint words on it to make it look like a letter or message. A full wine bottle to walk around with is all you need to complete your message in a bottle look.



Throwback Gym Teacher / Camp Counselor

Short shorts, cut-off shirt, high gym socks, aviators. Add a whistle (which is another fabulous accessory that you don’t have to hold all nigh but can use at random times throughout the party) and you’ve got yourself a throwback gym teacher or camp counselor costume. But of course the important accessory to not miss is the throwback thermos for your wine. You’ve been schooled.


Le French Girl

Switch out the fedora for a berret, throw on a striped shirt and you have a quick costume whose wine glass accessory is as much as part of the costume as it is the culture. It. Just. Makes. Sense. (Underage child and cartoon wine not included.)

French Girl



 Bottle Imagewine glass

* Notes:

  1. Our sweet pup, Olive, was actually named after this Halloween costume
  2. Botellón(es) means big bottle which is what we call the Poland Spring type water bottles that we order from the colmados.

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Photo Credits:
Dex – Popeye and Olive Oyl
Dosha Bondareva – message in a bottle
Gym Teacher – Steve Mellman
Denise Krebs – letter

    1. and now you have another reason. haha. you should do it!

    1. You’ve just one-upped my accessory game. 🙂

    1. There was this one time when I went to a 1977 party as “myself in 1977”. Costume included a baby bottle full of rum and a Depends diaper. No trips to the potty necessary!

    1. Great ideas! I’ve always wanted to do the Popeye and Olive Oil because I’m taller and lankier than my husband has a muscular build, haha. Love the accessory ideas 🙂

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