SnapShots: Happy Fabulous Birthday, Fabulous YOU!

January 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, you Fabulous YOU!

Yes. I am referring to myself when I say “you” and also when I say “fabulous.” So fabulous you is actually fabulous me. So happy fabulous birthday to me.

And why not? This year I turned 32 and I have it all and isn’t that the definition of fabulous? Extremely pleasing or successful – that is the definition by the Free Online Dictionary. So, yeah, fabulous me who has it all!

And fabulous you, too, who could also have it all. Whatever you want. With this secret: believe you deserve it and go get it.


I was really excited when Husband woke me up this morning and told me that I was getting out of the house for a 5 hour spa day. Husband, fabulous, Husband.

After the spa treatments, Husband took me out to a fabulous lunch in the Colonial Zone.

And when I thought it was over, he surprised m yet again. He had booked for us to stay in the Colonial Zone at Hostel Nicolas Ovande, one of the most fabulous hotels in Santo Domingo. Get this: he even packed for me!

For that evening we were just us again and it was nice. Nice to reconnect. Nice to be adults. Nice to relax like we did when we were just a couple and not parents. We sat by the pool and talked like old times when conversations didn’t involve questions like “What time did you feed the baby?” and “did she poop yet today?”

We took a leisurely stroll around the Colonial Zone, holding hands and being romantical, stopping at little parks and benches along the way.

Tonight we were going to enjoy sleeping the whole night without the anticipation of little sleepy baby noises. Tonight we weren’t parents. Tonight we were something else, something we used to be and will slowly no longer be – just the two of us.

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