I Never Doubted Myself: Four Months

February 20, 2012

After Rafaella’s first month, I knew I had grown but this baby raising thing was hard. Hard. At the time, there didn’t seem to be any of those googly movie moments with sun-kissed filters that come with being a mom. Of course I loved her and she was so darn button cute but sometimes that’s a baby’s saving grace. They’re so cute that you couldn’t imagine doing bodily harm because sometimes the tired, weariness of middle of the night feedings and endless crying bottoms you out and you have to slap yourself in the face just to refrain from taping her mouth closed.

Now at 4 months old, she eats well and the crying (related to the breastfeeding issues of hunger), has subsided. She smiles with all of her flirtiest and laughs at jokes. I am the funniest person she knows. Now, there are tons of googly, movie moments with sun-kissed filters, in fact, most moments are that. She talks to herself (because no one understands crazy baby talk), she grabs her tiny toes, she’s almost rolling over, she pets the dogs, she eats like a small bird, opening her mouth wide waiting for mama to drop in the cereal goodness, and in a way that I couldn’t say for certain after the first month, I know I will make it.

This baby raising thing is a cinch (insert eye wink).


P.S. Getting her passport and her first haircut

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