11 Faves: This Week on Instagram

March 7, 2016

I’ve been working on an Instagram challenge for the last week but not a gratitude type challenge of finding things you’re thankful for daily. It’s more of a challenge meets work thing to learn more about IG, edit your profile, clean up your brand, find like-minded IG-ers, and – ultimately – grow your followers. It’s been quite helpful and enlightening in a lot of ways and I’ve loved finding some awesome shit out there. People do very cool things – both with pictures and in their life adventure. So I’ve rounded up 11 of my Instagram faves this week and, in no particular order, listed them here for you to check out. (*It’s possible that not all pictures are from this week – it’s just the week I found them. )


I love this picture by backpackingbeans. I love the colors and mostly I’m a sucker for lights.



Edgar of Off Centered Travel takes some really nice shots and this is one of my favorites.



This one by Kenneth Garrett because seriously….. that stinkingly adorable co-pilot makes me smile every time.

Kenneth Garrett

Brilliant.Bollocks doesn’t have many posts yet but the ones that are up… let’s just say I had a hard time deciding.



Um… first, this IG is called Winederlust. That’s already a good start in my book. And 2. Wine that comes out of a wall?! I’m ready to go when you are.



This whole account is gorgeous. No wonder Giantific has a bazillion kajillion followers. I could have chosen any one of his pictures, but I have a thing for vintage cars.



This one by Go Enthusiast. I’d have enough balls to take that picture and then hop right off that hammock of death. I’d never be able to relax in it but love that someone else can and took a picture of it for me.



This. Little. Wandering. I’m not writing it with periods to show how much I love the account (that’s its actually spelling) although I totally could. This account is full of sweet, beautiful, rustic storybook feel. It’s hard not to get sucked in and almost impossible to choose one picture.



I had this picture of a cozy Taiwanese street all picked out from Travel Diaries and then I went back and found another picture. So I’m including both…because it’s my blog and I can.
Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 4.17.13 PM

I told you I had a thing for vintage cars – especially when it’s on a road trip with vintage luggage.

travel diaries


Ok, I know I said it wasn’t in any particular order but I kinda saved my fave for last. If you’ve heard of the Barbie Instagram (Socality Barbie) that pokes fun at living a hipster, “authentic” life but want something actually authentic but posed but sooooo funny but still really cute and clever and very hip – this. is. it. – Authentic.Baby. You’ll notice it is the only Instagram pic I left with the caption because even the captions are everything. And even though, I’m sure the account is supposed to mock the “authentic” life, the pictures on their own are plain gorgeous. And Baby Luna… could she get any cuter?



Do you have an Instagram account? What are some tips you use to grow and primp your account?

P.S. Some romantical beach styles


Bottle Imagewine glass

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