My Quest for Proper Pajamas

May 28, 2017

In my quest for adultness, I decided a while ago that I wanted to become a proper pajamas person. No more ratty old t-shirts with mismatched bottoms. No sir. A respectable mom adult wears luxurious PJs. Silky? yes, please. Flowy? Absolutely. Let’s be honest, we spend so much time in pajamas on the weekends that I want to wake up and hang around the house feeling like a 1950’s movie star. So I took my pajama game to Oysho*.

I had tried a couple of other stores before finding Oysho. Their pajamas are exactly the feel I was going for; elegant with the right amount of sexy. Polished and stylish. Something a regular woman could wear to bed. No cutouts in awfully strange places or over exposure of things I’d like to keep in place while I sleep. No nippage. I swear my confidence has soared since I began waking up in proper pajamas and the price is totally reasonable.

Here’s what I bought (so far):

Crepe Nightdress

Scrappy Nightdress with lace

Sateen Polka Dot Set

Oysho is present in 44 countries with over 600 stores worldwide, and the good news (for me) is that they have stores in Mexico with a few in Guadalajara. The bad news is that the U.S. is not one of those 44 countries, so if you’re planning a visit to any of the countries a store is located, stock up.

Next on my list is one of their dressing gowns (aka, robe but doesn’t dressing gown just sound fancier??)

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*I had a terrible experience with customer service at the Oysho store in Santo Domingo. Long story. If you’d like to hear it, I’ll tell it to you. Otherwise, know it was bad enough that I wrote an email to the branch manager. She offered to make an exception for me if I came back, but if you know traffic in the Dominican Republic, you know almost nothing is worth sitting in traffic for. While I will most likely shop at Oysho again, it won’t be at the Blue Mall in Santo Domingo.


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