SnapShots | Punta Rucia: Photos of Paradise Found

April 24, 2017

Never in the history of ever could I have imagined I’d be vacationing in a place like Punta Rucia; a place where my backyard looked like this:

Travel to Punta Rucia

Where sunsets look like this:

Punta Rucia sunset and where mornings look like this:

Punta Rucia morning

Our family vacation in Punta Rucia was like something out of a glossy magazine and our heads were in constant danger of exploding at the views from our house. Here are more pictures of our Spring Break, if you’d like to see…

morning mimosas in Punta Rucia
Those lashes thanks to Lash Boost. Ask me how to get them???

We started every morning

…with delicious, family style breakfasts and mimosas in the sandy backyard of our rental home.

Punta Rucia vacation Punta Rucia house

After a bunch of weeks of stress, selling, and sorting in preparation for our upcoming move, we had grand plans of doing absolutely nothing but relaxing and soaking up the sun… and that’s exactly what we all did.


I’m not sure if the people or the dogs enjoyed vacation mode more.

snorkeling at Punta Rucia

sand tunnels

house at Punta Rucia

DTWB QUIZ QUESTION: How many things can you spot in the picture above ⬆️⬆️ that make me happy?! Answer in the comments… Closest number gets a virtual high five!

We spent a lot of time

…reading, snorkeling, building sand tunnels, and eating. When the kids were restless of the ocean, they jumped around on the trampoline. It was pretty much heaven for eveyone.

Punta Rucia fisherman town

Punta Rucia has a couple of restaurants but isn’t a “happening” beach town. If you’re going there for “nightlife”… don’t. Mostly, it’s a small fisherman village that is a great starting point to nearby Cayo Arena; a must-see of the whole Dominican Republic, in my opinion.

Punta Rucia Lino's pizza Punta Rucia pizza Eating at Lino's in Punta Rucia Punta Rucia family vacation

We did venture out one day for lunch to Lino’s Pizzeria. We had heard from other expat friends that Lino, an expat himself from Italy, had the best pizza on the island. I wouldn’t normally trust that opinion except they’re from New Jersey and New Jersey people know pizza. They were right. It was yummmmm!

We also ventured to Cayo Arena but that is worth it’s own post.

Punta Rucia Beach

hermit crab in Punta Rucia


…we sat on the beach, inspired by all the colors of blue and watched Mother Nature do her thaaang.

Punta Rucia sunset

At night, we’d all pile out for the beautiful sunset. Sunsets so bright you couldn’t look straight at it lest you wanted your eyes to melt.

Moments like this are hard to put into words because there is a certain understanding that this kind of vacation only happens a few times in your lifetime. We spent our week with my parents and a good friend from CMS that will undoubtedly be a friend for life and her cousin who flew in from Canada. It was a beautiful fusion of the family you have and the family you make.

P.S. Other SnapShots and a quick family guide to Las Terrenas

For more pictures of our trip, visit DTWB on Instagram. Or check out videos on our YouTube channel.

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