Repurposed Drink Station Ideas for Backyard Entertaining

June 21, 2016

That time of the year when everything moves outdoors is, once again, upon us and with the first rays of warm sunlight we move our parties to the backyard. But, do you have everything you actually need for creating a remarkable outdoor party? Weddings, BBQs, birthdays, lazy Sundays, you name it… for a fun backyard party, a drink station is all you need!

The good thing is that you do not need to spend a large amount of money to create one. Simply, look around to repurpose an object you already have and let your inner creativity reflect in your drink station. Here are some repurposed drink station ideas that you might use.

Step it up with a ladder

If you are planning on hosting parties for a large number of people, you will need to have a rather big drink station so why not opt for that ladder you never seem to use. It will give you plenty of space to fill with glasses and bottles and it’s easy to repurpose. Add wooden planks between the rungs, proportional to the height but be aware of the balancing factor. To spice up the ladder a bit, use lights to create a cozy atmosphere.

repurposed drink station ideas ladder

Wheelbarrow goes icy

This one is easy to make in no time. Grab a wheelbarrow and fill it up with ice, add drinks. Easy, right? An icy wheelbarrow will add rustic charm to any backyard party.

Wheelbarrow Drink Station

Ahoy, Matey

If you are thinking of hosting a party near a shore, try a cheap, old boat or canoe to repurpose. Paint it in a beachy hue or keep the distressed wood look and you’ll be good to go. Load it with ice and drinks and let the party begin. It’ll be the absolute talk of your get together.


Get schooled with a bookcase

There is no better piece of furniture to upcycle than a bookcase with lots of shelves. They’re perfect for displaying your drinks and glasses. Paint it brightly to liven up the backyard environment and place candles to spice up the atmosphere at night.

Repurposed drink stations bookcase

Barrels are the new shelves

If you have two old barrels you could repurpose them in a matter of minutes. Add a plank and place it above the two barrels and cover them with drink dispensers and fruit for decor. Another i

Repurposed Drink Station Ideas Barrels

Backyards are the ideal place to hang in the summer so let it be the home to some of the best parties you have ever had. Within a couple of minutes and little money invested, you can turn the things you have around and rarely use, into a drink station that people will love.

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Author Bio: Arron is a self-employed life coach from Sydney and fashion newcomer who loves upcycled pieces and enjoys browsing the web in search of fresh ideas. Loves: all things spicy, barbecue, winter vacations. Doesn`t like: bad manners and narcissism. Find him on Facebook or follow him Twitter.

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  1. Ladder Drink Station via Wedding Chicks 2. Wheelbarrow Iced Beers via Rustic Weddings, photo by Kimberly MacDonald 3. Boat Drink Station via Southern Weddings 4. Repurposed bookcase via Hostess with the Mostess  5. Barrel drink station via Wedding Chicks

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