SnapShots: An Expat Thanksgiving at Cabarete Beach

November 29, 2016

Talk to most expats and what they’ll tell you they miss most when living abroad are the special moments they miss back home; holidays probably being the biggest and hardest. With holidays come attached nostalgia, memories, and traditions and moving away from that could be impossibly hard but our community at CMS and our Annual Thanksgiving at Cabarete Beach hasn’t been your typical expat holiday. It has all the feels of a family dinner with with none of the mess or winter weather.


This year’s Thanksgiving feast was a bit bigger due to the flooding on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. We told everyone to double up on whatever potluck goodie they were bringing to feed extra and invited the family’s of the staff at Le Reef, the boutique hotel we stay at and where we throw our Thanksgiving meal. Everyone included, our feast was almost 100 people!

Thanksgiving Dinner at Le Reef, Cabarete Beach
Thanksgiving Dinner at Le Reef, Cabarete Beach


Green team, blue team, yellow team, and red team. 8 events. A sandcastle building contest. And entirely too much fun.






Olympic Teams

Sandcastle Turkey Thanksgiving victorious

joseballoon toss


Husband and I have organized this for four of our years here and it has become a huge tradition. This year, being that it’s our last, we even got handmade medals in the “Best Olympic Committee” category. I happy ugly cried.

medalsOlympic rulesOlympics Medal

Many of the events stay the same and some new ones are added in every year. I love watching people on the beach stop and stare at our group of participants like What in the world are these grown ass people doing!

Cabarete Beach Olympics

 The kids love to help build the Sandcastles and participate in a “kids versus adults” tug of war. (Check back this week for more on how to throw your own Olympics.)

Sandcastle I Heart CabSandcastle Sand Shark kids tug of war


Perhaps one of the best things about Thanksgiving Weekend at Cabarete Beach is the laid back attitude of it all.



Fun in the Sun

Cabarete Love

Impromptu dinner with friends, quick stops in town for a bit of shopping, afternoons of beach volleyball, a beach party one evening, and an intimate dinner at a sandy beach restaurant the next.

Sand Soccer

Dinner at La Casita de Papi

There’s so much to do in Cabarete, it’s a wonder any of us come back to work on Monday.



(Photos via DTWB, Cody Gifford, and other CMS community)

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