Spring Break Friday Weekend

March 18, 2016

It’s Friday. But not just any Friday. For us, it is Spring Break Friday. I know, I know, I just came off a month long beach stay which is why we’re going to the mountains instead and keeping it pretty low key.

Spring Break Friday

On Sunday – fingers crossed – we’ll finally get to Grupo Bonye’s free Sunday concert in the Colonial Zone, plans that have been zonked every time we’ve tried to make them for the last five years. Then we’re heading to this place for two days, the perfect place to sit back and not do a thing – or do everything if that’s more you’re cup of tea. Personally, I’m the former. We’ll also be celebrating our baby’s 3rd birthday. Where did these years go? Wasn’t he just born?

If you happen to be traveling this week also, read these small time saving tips that have a huge impact. Have a springy weekend and enjoy these links…

Really wish I was going to this free concert

Spring cleaning anyone? I’ve heard life-changing things happen with this book

These awesome Easter Egg hunt ideas. I love #2.

This mom’s case for double standards about boobies.

A glam chunky necklace

This and This cool ring

Why this guy quit his job for 2016

A new way to learn stuff


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