MicroAdventure: Adventuring at Rancho Baiguate

March 30, 2016

Estimated Reading Time (including video): 4 minutes

I love a good, low key Spring Break which is exactly what we got this year. We finally got to check out the much anticipated Grupo Bonye in the Colonial Zone on Sunday and left the next morning (on time –  WooHoo! parenting milestone) for Jarabacoa. Our stay at Rancho Baiguate was two nights in a cabin right next door to my parents which was sweet as the kids had the freedom to walk back and forth between both accommodations like they owned the joint. It was also where we spent Santiago’s 3rd birthday adventuring on horseback, zip lining across a small pond and visiting the butterfly house. We relaxed in hammocks, ate serious meals (included in the cost), went swimming, and drank coffee in rocking chairs under cafe lights of perfection.

3-minute Escape: Adventuring during our stay at Rancho Baiguate


SnapShots: Our Stay at Rancho Baiguate

Road to Jarabacoa

Stay at Rancho Baiguate


Morning at Rancho Baiguate



Life at the Pool

Butterfly Jarabacoa



Funny Faces
Pool at Rancho Baiguate

Swings at Rancho Baiguate

Butterfly House


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