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family time

The Dawning of {Family} Time

Since making the decision to teach and live abroad, I have felt myself actively appreciate what our life has to offer in a way that I never did when I was living in the States. We have so much family time, spending whole afternoons sitting around at the park with friends, weekends full of micro adventures and get togethers and laughter.  Weekly massages. And definitely Shelly, our nanny, with whom most of this is made possible. Our life here is a party where our venue is...

In this place

In This Place

Rafaella Rubio Kaufman Legra was born on October 7 at 9:28pm. By 9:29pm, daddy was crying in the hospital room like a newborn baby girl. I was not. When we brought Rafaella home and placed her in her bassinet to watch her sleep, within moments, Husband’s eyes were welling up with tears at the momentous scene that is watching your baby sleep under your roof for the first time. Mine did not. As Olive and Jersey began to take notice of...

Helping Hands

Helping Hands

When the news of us being pregnant and moving abroad had gotten out, my mother said, “You’re going to need help.” I curtly shot back, “Mom, please. Plenty of women before me have had babies and raised them and didn’t have ‘help’ – I’ll be fine.” When Rafa was born, my mom and grandmother were already here, helping us. When they left, they were leaving us with our nanny, Shelley. Thanks to her, I don’t remember the last time I really cleaned....

Love Letter to NJ

A Love Letter to NJ

My Dearest NJ, My Honeybee, Let me start this letter by saying that it was only when I left you that I realized how much I truly loved you. Sometimes, we people, don’t know what we have until it is gone. You have been a good friend throughout the years, a constant in my life, a place I go to to feel myself, the one place I could truly call home. You have been the source of many good times...

First Borns

My Total Truths: #5 When Dogs Become the First Borns

My Total Truths: a series based a list of things that I know to be true and have served as mini life lessons in my experience.    # 5 – Dogs Make Good Pets but Even Better Children. When I got pregnant everyone kept telling me that the dogs would become less important because now I would have a real baby that would need taking care of. They would look at poor Jersey and tell him as he was getting picked up in my...