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where the real fight begins

This is Where the Real Fight Begins

I’ve been staring at my screen all day long; reading sadness and confusion and pain on my scrolling feeds. I’ve been trying to find the words for my own bafflement and instead just fighting back tears. I didn’t think this would hit me so hard but I was wrong and it hurts. It feels like a dull blade, sawing my heart in half. I’m in mourning here and not just for a candidate. I’m in mourning for America’s soul. Yes....

be a superhero of humanity

How to Be a Superhero in Today’s Darkening World

Through the steam of hot coffee, I sat around the table drinking a toasty cup of coffee that my mom-friend dotingly made for me while our kids played and giggled nearby. We gibbered on in typical girlfriend chatter, catching up. She was taking on big responsibilities this year, homeschooling both of her kids, and I was smack in the middle of starting a new business and a difficult situation that Husband (and so, by default, me) was having with family. In the midst of our get-together, she...

Alone at Home During the Storm

Alone at Home During the Storm: A Lesson in My Marriage

I’ve been alone at home with Matthew – the hurricane that is – and school has been cancelled in the Dominican Republic for four days. Normally, it would be a welcome break. Normally, Husband would be home. But on Sunday, hours before we received notice of the first school cancelling, Husband boarded a plane for Mexico. Calm down, it sounds much more scandalous than it really is. He’s in Mexico on a work trip, a conference that happens yearly and...

at the Romeo Santos Concert in Punta Cana

At the Romeo Santos Concert in Punta Cana: My Proudest Dominican Moment

Alllllllllll the feels. Standing on the lawn of the vast space that is the Hard Rock Punta Cana Resort’s concert venue, drinking a Presidente, and swaying to DR’s *King of Bachata, Romeo, gave me all the feels. It was not lost on me that I was at the Romeo Santos concert in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. There was a feeling among the audience that would be impossible to create anywhere else in the world. A certain sense of ownership floated about for this...

Redefining Failure Pinterest

Coffee Talks: Redefining Failure Starts with Me

In the last couple of days, the same message has been popping up across my screen. It has come in different words and different medias and from different people but the message is the same. Choose failure. What? Choose to fail? What kind of bull… But wait. Hear me out. What if we gave failure a big hug – welcomed it right in – and used it to help us rise instead of letting it weigh us down? What if we looked at...

being connected to a community

Are You a Goldfish in a Bowl?: Being Connected to a Community

At the end of our recent Lip Sync Battle Party, our friend and DJ, informed me that there would be one more act. Huh? Typically being the one surprising and planning events, my organized mind was not prepared for this. What do you mean another act? That I didn’t know about? With no time to investigate what was happening, they asked us (me and two other Jens) to sit down and they rolled this video made by the Carol Morgan School expat community...