Lip Sync Battle Videos

These 3 Lip Sync Battle Videos Explain Why It’s the Best Party of the Year

Imagine 15 mini surprise parties of hearty laughter and unadultered hollering. An evening of, willfully and gleefully, having no idea what to expect next… that’s Lip Sync. On an open air rooftop of Santo Domingo this past Friday night, the wind was howling and the sky was cloudy. If we were pirates on the high seas, I’d be worried. But the performers of our 4th Lip Sync Battle Party were on fire… if fire was doused with gasoline and then an explosive was thrown in....

National Aquarium Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

SnapShots: Santo Domingo’s National Aquarium (Acuario Nacional)

I’ve come to understand – as best I can in six years – the delicate balance of the Dominican Republic. Natural, pristine beauty amidst littered streets. Tranquil beaches to feast your eyes upon with ear-piercing dembow as “background” music. Fresh fried fish ordered straight to your table in the sand with week old fish bones buried under your chair. The Acuario Nacional, the National Aquarium of Santo Domingo is no different. From the outside, you’d think there isn’t much to see, and...

Cozy at Lillies

Husband’s Choice: A Midtown Food Tasting Adventure

“We could try and see if we could find cheap tickets for a show?” I half-heartedly suggested to Husband. He was silent a little too long so I continued, “Or we could just walk around and eat!” Immediate agreement. Husband and I are foodies, plain and simple. Give us the option and we’ll choose to get to know a city by a handful of restaurants every time. After all, what better way to get to know a place than through...


Friday Roundup: A Seriously Good Belly Laugh & Beautiful Beach Pics

Daily life in the Dominican Republic is hardly as easy as daily life in New Jersey. It doesn’t have all of the “luxuries” and more dangers (aka driving) but it does have its benefits. Take, for example, this weekend. This weekend we’re going here: This is Bayahibe, a fishing town 10 miles east of La Romana. We are staying at an AirBnb in Cadaqués. Inspired and named after a town in Northern Spain, it is “the unique combination of daily...