The Quick Soap Opera Recap

April 15, 2013

I can’t believe that in my last post, I was awaiting the arrival of Baby Bump and now Santiago is here – waking us up at night, sleeping all day, and peeing on everyone. In other words, he’s perfect and just as he should be. And being the mom of a newborn is exactly as I remembered it too. Sort of. Your mind has a funny way of blocking out the misery of the first few months of Newbornness by implanting iconic, movie moments in its place instead.

And since I haven’t the time right now to tell the story, I’ll do a quick soap opera recap. Like a soap opera,  sometimes there’s just no time to craft a beautifully written dialogue because there’s so much to catch the audience up on. You just gotta deliver the information and move on to the next storyline. So as a long time fan of General Hospital, if my life were a soap opera, my BFF would totally be Sam McCall and our talk today would sound like this:

SAM: Jen. Wow! Congrats on the new baby boy. Santiago Paulo was born on March 22 at 8lb. 1 oz and 20..5 inches, right? You look great but, gosh, Husband must have been worried when the planned c-setion had a few complications, huh?

ME: Yeah but the complications weren’t life threatening and we were home with the baby and his big sister in a few days.

So here’s what you should have walked away with in my soap opera conversation with Sam McCall:

  1. I had a baby a few weeks ago.
  2. The baby was a boy named Santiago.
  3. Husband is my husband.
  4. I had a few minor complicatations with a planned c-section but all went well.
  5. We have an older daughter.
  6. We’re home with our healthy kids and mom is doing well.
The Quick Soap Opera Recap
 The Quick Soap Opera Recap
The Quick Soap Opera Recap

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