SnapShots: The Restaurant in Bayahibe That Will Make You Swoon

March 15, 2017

There aren’t many restaurants that can make me swoon. But Tracadero Bayahibe? Holy Swoonfest.

Tracadero is like that hot girl in high school that you look at with jealous rage and think Seriously? Why did she get all of the good genes? Couldn’t she spread that amongst us mere mortals? 

Tracadero Bayahibe

Tracadero Restaurant in Bayahibe

It’s almost too much.

Like most things in the Dominican Republic, you’d never know it existed unless you were looking for it. Tucked away, down dirt roads with no name, it isn’t until you find yourself at the Dominicus Marina Resort that you’ll find Tracadero.

Tracadero Restaurant in Dominicus

Tracadero Dominicus Marina Resort

I still feel like a fraud walking in here. Like just before I reach the entrance they’re gonna call my bluff and be like, “Uhhh… who, whoa, whoa lady. Where do you think you’re going?”

But they don’t. Somehow, with my mess of an entourage (though they are quite well-behaved) they happily greet us and lead us to a table.

I like to get there, order food & drinks, and then walk around and explore. (I will stop here and mention that there is a certain point up to where restaurant guests can explore before it becomes just for hotel guests. No worries. I’ll be fine with this view.

Tracadero Bayahibe view from restaurant

Tracadero view

Our kids like to play in the sand or on the swing while we wait and the same thought always creeps into my consciousness as they’re living those moments. This is their childhood. Feet in the sand, salt in their hair, sun on their back. Island kids. It’s a beautiful way to grow up.

Tracadero Bayahibe swing

Tracadero swing

Kids at Tracadero Love at Tracadero Bayahibe

As for me?

I like the swing too. I’ll just take it with a glass of wine.

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