How Travel Feeds My Gratitude

November 18, 2015

Gratitude Through Travel Series

There is a moment of transcendence that occurs sometimes when I’m surrounded by family and friends, drinking a glass of vino, overlooking some perfect corner of the world. It’s more than feeling blessed, more than a moment of gratitude. Maybe it’s what yogis describe in their practice; a space of peace, of center, of feeling like all is right and that my place in the world is a beautiful place to be. In those times, travel makes me grateful because whether I’m home or wandering, it is being out in the world that brings me to that center. I have a sneaking suspicion that Chrissann, head honcho at Women Who Live on Rocks knows what I’m talking about.

Today, moving along with our Gratitude Through Travel Series, my favorite island girl Chrissann shares with us why travel makes her grateful and how it feeds her gratitude soul.

Travel Makes Me Grateful


At home, even on the beautiful island I live on, I can often get consumed with The Busy-ness of Being. I flit around from one task to another, my mind so often set in future mode. Yes, I make my daily gratitude lists, but the items on it tend to be more immediate. “I’m grateful my website issue got fixed in one phone call.” “I’m grateful for my morning coffee.” And so on and so forth.

But when I travel, my sense of gratitude moves from the menial to the all-encompassing. For in that travel mind space, I’m simply grateful. For it all. For my place in the world, for new experiences, for the moment as it happens, for the mental break to bring my gratitude back to center.


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Chrissann Women Who Live on Rocks Chrissann Nickel is a freelance writer and Creator/Editor in Chief of the humorous island life website, Women Who Live on Rocks.  She is also a yoga instructor currently living on a little rock in the British Virgin Islands.

If you’re a fellow island girl, you can link up with the Women Who Live on Rocks community on Facebook. To connect with Chrissann, you can find her on Instagram or visit her personal website.



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