Two Gone. Too Fast

October 8, 2013

 Two years ago today, October 8, 2011, I was doing this:

I was a new mom that couldn’t believe she was a mom. I stared at this tiny, miracle of a human – because truly they are miraculous – that yelped like a kitten when she was hungry and slept like a bear when she was tired and wondered how something so small could be so strong. 
When I was pregnant, Husband and I stared at my belly, that no longer resembled the slimmer belly of the girl he met, and we would remind each other that we made that. This raisin turned mango turned eggplant turned baby was our making. I knew what she would look like but to see her, in live, was a whole new realization. We created that perfect, little criatura. And she was ours to protect and love and care for. I didn’t know then how to be a mom or how I’d be as a mom but there’s no greater teacher than experience.
Two years later, October 8, 2013, our little girl is two years old. She’s so far from the helpless, hibernating, teeny package that she was then yet I can’t help but feel like it hasn’t been long enough for her to be as wise as she is. She’s so small but here she is running and jumping and having adult conversations. Sometimes I think time is playing tricks on me. And sometimes, I wish time would just stop moving. Then I understand, my child is just a genius. 
After all…we made that. 

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    1. Happy birthday little one!!
      I know exactly how you feel Jen! Eli just turned 2 a couple weeks ago. It's insane how fast it goes by and how much they grow and learn in such a short amount of time!

    1. i can see already that it doesn't slow down. It's funny cause sometimes I can't wait for them to be older, more on their own, and other times I want to hold them so close so that they never get too big to carry and hug and make everything better just by sweeping them up into my arms, ya know?

    1. I look at my ten month old and long for a newborn already. I miss the days of him being itty bitty. He is growing into a little person already!

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