Van Life Accounts on Instagram That Have Me Drooling

June 14, 2016

If you have spoken to me anytime in the last few months, I have most likely howled something about #vanlife at least once in a conversation. I’m obsessed and crushing hard like a school girl. I even have my dream van picked out and have begun the visualization* process. I’ve also been following these van life accounts on Instagram which have me drooling with possibility and planning for our van future.

I’m aware that van life isn’t as Instragrammable as it looks. I’m positive that some days it will be hard and frustrating and costly as pointed out here but I think moving abroad has prepared me for hardships and frustrations that come my way.


V A N L I F E   D I A R I E S

These guys are the biggest players in the game and I’m not surprised. Their pictures have a nostalgic feel to them and are the reason I have started dreaming about my own van life.

Vanlife Diaries


O U R   H O M E   O N   W H E E L S

Jace is a co-owner of Axiom, a “start-up making polarized, all-natural, wood sunglasses.” Giddy is a handmade jeweler, running her own business, Carteo Handmade. She creates beautifully pieces from their small studio inside the van. Amazing.

our home on wheels


T I N D E R   T O   S P R I N T E R

I’d attempt telling their story but they’ve done it so perfectly on their profile:

“From meeting on Tinder to living in a Sprinter Van. We adventure. We photograph. We cook. We fly fish. We swiped right.”


Tinder to Sprinter


C O A S T A L   V A N L I F E

These 3 van dwellers are driving down the coast through Mexico (and beyond) offering yoga and acupuncture and inspiration on living a beautiful van life.

Coastal Vanlife


V A N L I F E   E X P L O R E R S

Another big player in the game and maybe my new favorite account.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 1.48.59 PM


V A N L I F E   I D E A S

This is the Bob Villa of van life. He shares cool van ideas. Definitely a great place to start.

Vanlife Ideas
G I R L   I N   H E R   C A R

Technically this isn’t a van but… works for me.

Girl in her car


S O U L   C A M P E R S

New to the scene but a cool, little rental company in Portugal where you can not only rent the van but also extras like a boogie board, bike, portable bbq, and more.

Soul Campers


Featured image: Van Life Explorers


  1. visualization* – similar to a vision board, when I visualize I am talking about or seeing myself making something specific happen. And I firmly believe it works.


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