MicroAdventure: A Tour of Spring Street, Charleston

July 6, 2016

It used to be that when you were looking into where to stay on a trip, you would look at the more “popular” spots, thinking for some reason that these places have the most to offer. But with the rise of boutique hotels, personal apartments*, and search for authenticity, traveling accommodations have become as widespread and boundless as ever. This is how I came to find our accommodations on Spring Street in Charleston. I was looking for a place that fit our multi-generation family travels (because traveling with your Husband, two kids, and parents could prove tough enough), that oozed local flavor, and that was within our budget. It seemed I was looking to fill a tall order. But what I found on Spring Street was more.

Since it wasn’t a hotel room, we had the amenities that a large family is looking for (a living space, separate rooms, a kitchen, etc.). And since it wasn’t on the popular King Street (but close by) it required us to move around and discover an already popular city in a fresh way. Had we stayed in the more popular areas I may not have ever discovered my southern food spirit animal at Hominy Grill, played bocce ball at Fuel, or learned that Japanese Street Corn at Xiao Biscuit is to die for.

Read more details on our stay on Spring Street, check out which place were on our Cocktail Cruise for yummy drinks,  or check out our MicroAdventure: a tour of Spring Street in Charleston below.

What place have you discovered in a new way? 

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*Use this link for Airbnb and we both receive a $20 travel credit.


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