What Kind of Easter Egg Hunter Are You?

March 26, 2016

When I was a kid I remember standing beneath the curly ties of a ribbon piñata waiting for the exact moment that the bottom would give out and the candy crush explosion would blow up and hit the floor. I was ready. Slowed breath. Eyes on the prize. And when it finally exploded, with the grace of a deer, I leapt over kids like a mad a ravenous beast. I scraped up all the candy that was around me with no discrimination as to what kind of candy it actually was and when I cleared that area I jumped over another 3 or 4 kids to begin cleaning up the next area. Poor were the kids who got in my way for they never knew what was coming. I was precise, calculating, and efficient in a way I never was in school. Focused like an honor student, graceful like a quarterback. And let me just say, I cleaned up well. I may have walked away with bruised elbows and a few less friends but I walked a way a champion of bagged up candy.

What kind of egg hunter or candy piñata getter were you? 

>>> The Polite Time Taker

You don’t want others to think you’re pushy so you take your time and slowly pick up candies.

>>> The Specific Looker

There’s just no need to take a 3 Musketeers when you know they aren’t as good as a Snickers so you specifically count out the candies you want.

>>> The Area Sweeper

You stick to one area and clean up, making sure to pocket every last piece.

>>> The Candy Hunter Killing Machine

You are the Katniss Everdeen of candy.

P.S. Sometimes it’s ok for the Easter Bunny to hop along.

Easter Egg Hunter


Hysterical meme via SitsGirls

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