Milestone: When Your Kid Cuts Their Own Hair

May 4, 2016

I interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you this news update:


So yeah. What do you do when your kid cuts their own hair? Well, nothing I guess. Husband and I stifled our laughter because we had to remain serious enough to explain to her that using scissors near her eyeballs and face was a terrible idea. She smiled the whole time. She was reaaaaallly proud off herself.

And it doesn’t help that it looks dope. If I’m honest, she looks great with bangs – better than I do, though maybe I’ll give them another shot now – and my mom said she looks like one of those pretty, porcelain dolls from the Franklin Mint – which I find somewhat scary, but in Cuban is the highest form of flattery. I’d have to say I agree. Doll face.

Also we had ballet today and her teacher likes their hair pulled back. She didnt’ have enough hair for a ponytail before, so needless to say that didn’t go well. But Franklin Mint.

when your kid cuts their own hair

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