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Life Uncorked: Casual Ways for Living a Healthy Life ⎮ Sara Binde

I’ve been super excited to bring you Life Uncorked: Inspiring Truths from Everyday People, a series highlighting awesome people and their personal truths about life, love, travel, and more. If I’ve learned anything in life & travel, it’s that no one way is the right way, that we all have something to teach and we could learn something from everyone. Today, I bring you, Sarah Binde, a nutrionist from Carob Cherub. What I love about her message for living a healthy life is that she gives casual ways that...

repurposed drink station ideas

Repurposed Drink Station Ideas for Backyard Entertaining

That time of the year when everything moves outdoors is, once again, upon us and with the first rays of warm sunlight we move our parties to the backyard. But, do you have everything you actually need for creating a remarkable outdoor party? Weddings, BBQs, birthdays, lazy Sundays, you name it… for a fun backyard party, a drink station is all you need! The good thing is that you do not need to spend a large amount of money to create...

Expat Checklist

An Expat Checklist for a Smooth Transition

Every journey begins somewhere. If you’re like me, it began on a piece of paper with a checklist. Big fan of the checklist. There’s just something about making a left-handed checkmark (some of you call this a backwards checkmark) next to a completed item that makes me want to celebrate. There are so many things to consider when you are moving abroad, so many questions to ask yourself. So when Alex, from Currency UK, reached out and asked to guest post an...

Gratitude Through Travel Series

Finding Gratitude Through Travel

Travel can teach us many things: acceptance, flexibility, awareness. And if we allow it, it teaches us deep gratitude. Gratitude for one another, gratitude for what we have, gratitude for what we don’t need, gratitude for new experiences, gratitude for life. Today, in our Gratitude Through Travel Series, Aaron from Amble Unbound tells us how finding gratitude through travel has made all the difference. (Check out his travel tip!)   After visiting 35 countries around the world and spending years out on...

island life gratitude

Island Life Gratitude

Thanksgiving is approaching so gratitude is in a full-blown, category 5. I’ve found that living abroad hasn’t necessarily made me more grateful but rather more aware of the things I’m grateful for. Part of it is that I go without some of the luxuries of home and so I’m thankful for the things I have here in DR and the things I am fortunate to have back in the States. Part of it is that life is slower so I have more time to lounge...