Santo Domingo Restaurants


World's Best BBQ Sign at Gran Parador Bellamar

Notes from a Local Scene: Gran Parador Bellamar

Turning off of Avenida de las Americas towards Samaná and after the first toll booth, you’d never know there was a serious BBQ operation in the same stop as the Texaco gas station. But you should. From the road, it looks like a typical rest stop – gas station, convenience store, restrooms – but there is nothing typical about Gran Parador Bellamar. It’s as if Texas exploded and delivered a baby in Santo Domingo....

Jeeva Restaurant Ashram Food

Notes from a Local Scene: An Ashram Grows in Santo Domingo

It’s almost impossible these days to plan on a whim. A last minute call from a kidless friend to “do dinner” is the evergreen reminder that we are no longer our single selves. It’s fine, of course, but always a bummer to say, “Sorry. We can’t tonight.” So the other day, when I received a last minute call from a friend wondering if Husband and I wanted to join them for Indian food at Jeeva restaurant and ashram she had recently...

Bagels & More Landscape

DR Guide: Bagels & More

So, this happened yesterday… Ask any respectable New Jerseyan and they’ll tell you that bagels anywhere else are just circular dough discs with a whole in the center. Husband’s brother, who used to live in Texas, would buy a dozen bagels or so whenever he’d come back to visit and take them home to freeze. For Jerseyans, there is no comparison. (You can chalk that up to one of the other reasons people hate on New Jersey. Because, seriously, don’t bagels suck?...