What to Do in Charleston


Multi-Generation Family Vacation

SnapShots: A Multi-Generation Family Vacation

We often plan for family vacations but what about a multi-generation family vacation – a family vacation with not just your nuclear family but also your parents or in-laws? No. I’m not drunk or crazy talking. I’m serious. I know, I know. Planning a multi-generation family vacation could be tricky for many reasons: blending personalities, combining interests, limiting your thoughts of karate chops to the throat to once a day, and finding a place to go that works for kids, parents, and grandparents....

Spring Street Cocktail Cruise

Truth be told, I planned our whole 3 generation family vacation around visiting Charleston. Scheduling my parents’ time share at Myrtle Beach this year instead of Orlando was to get me closer to the historic city that I’ve wanted to check out for over a decade. We were expecting lots of charm and grandiose southern homes. We were expecting a big history lesson as Charleston’s history is long and diverse, being the biggest player in the South from the colonial era to...

a tour of Spring Street in Charleston

MicroAdventure: A Tour of Spring Street, Charleston

It used to be that when you were looking into where to stay on a trip, you would look at the more “popular” spots, thinking for some reason that these places have the most to offer. But with the rise of boutique hotels, personal apartments*, and search for authenticity, traveling accommodations have become as widespread and boundless as ever. This is how I came to find our accommodations on Spring Street in Charleston. I was looking for a place that fit our...