Jarabacoa Region

Spring Break Friday Weekend

It’s Friday. But not just any Friday. For us, it is Spring Break Friday. I know, I know, I just came off a month long beach stay which is why we’re going to the mountains instead and keeping it pretty low key. On Sunday – fingers crossed – we’ll finally get to Grupo Bonye’s free Sunday concert in the Colonial Zone, plans that have been zonked every time we’ve tried to make them for the last five years. Then we’re heading to this place for...


The Courage in No

One of my favorite conversations I’ve had recently was about courage being just as much about saying No as it is about saying Yes. It’s a courage conversation I’ve had before in theory and that recently manifested itself on our trip to Jarabacoa* (pronounced har-ah-ba-CO-ah) a couple of weeks back. On this particular day during our stay at Rancho Baiguate, we were introducing our kids to the world of adventuring. Well, Husband was. I could do without adventuring and much prefer the...


Survival: A Gladiator’s Story

Last weekend, we took a long weekend trip to Jarabacoa, a town near the mountain region of Dominican Republic. When people think of DR, they think of crystal blue oceans, beachy weather, and all-inclusive resorts. They don’t think of Jarabacoa. The last time we went to Jarabacoa was in September for the trip that all the new foreign hire teachers for Carol Morgan go on. There are tons of amazing micro adventures to check out but I was 9 months pregnant so everything besides...