Las Terrenas


Las Terrenas

Falling in Love with Las Terrenas

I will never forget when I fell in love with her. It was June of 2011. The sky was a golden pink and magic hour was upon us. The ocean was calm and the sound of waves (if you could have called them that) was drowned out by my ATV. But that didn’t matter to me in the least because in place of the soft sound of waves, freedom combed my hair and the sea breeze was my breath. My...

Eating in Las Terrenas

DR Guide: Eating My Way Through Las Terrenas

If you’re like me, eating is one of my favorite things to do on vacation. While others are sightseeing, bring active, and taking tours, I prefer to sit down with a menu in front of me and salivate over the possibilities of yummy meals and drink options. I’m hungry just thinking about it. Las Terrenas is no exception; a town with a lot of European influence (French, Italian, and German, among others) that used to be a rustic, little fishing town...


DR Guide: The Best Shrimp in Las Terrenas

“Shrimp in LT is like shrimp nowhere else. I bet the best shrimp from around the world, swim/walk from all inches of the globe for the honor of being eaten in Las Terrenas. It. Is. That. Good.”                 – Me On my last weekend trip to Las Terrenas, I held myself on a Las Terrenas diet: shrimp and garlic – all día, 24/siete – for no other reason than to find the best shrimp in town in a...


An Authentic Family Destination in Las Terrenas: A Quick Mini-Guide

Earthly. That’s what Las Terrenas would be translated to in English. And it totally fits because Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic, is a place where you notice the world around you in a very organic way. We first came to LT for the first time five years ago. Our daughter was 8 months old and traveling with an infant – heck, planning to travel with an infant – is not easy. She screamed through car rides so the drive would have to be short. The beach...