Eating in Las Terrenas

DR Guide: Eating My Way Through Las Terrenas

If you’re like me, eating is one of my favorite things to do on vacation. While others are sightseeing, bring active, and taking tours, I prefer to sit down with a menu in front of me and salivate over the possibilities of yummy meals and drink options. I’m hungry just thinking about it. Las Terrenas is no exception; a town with a lot of European influence (French, Italian, and German, among others) that used to be a rustic, little fishing town...


DR Guide: The Best Shrimp in Las Terrenas

“Shrimp in LT is like shrimp nowhere else. I bet the best shrimp from around the world, swim/walk from all inches of the globe for the honor of being eaten in Las Terrenas. It. Is. That. Good.”                 – Me On my last weekend trip to Las Terrenas, I held myself on a Las Terrenas diet: shrimp and garlic – all día, 24/siete – for no other reason than to find the best shrimp in town in a...

Pekara Juan Dolio

DR Guide: Pekara

This weekend we took a day trip to Juan Dolio to check out an apartment for my parents that will be staying with us in DR for some time between January and March. After breakfast, checking out a dope apartment at Club Hemingway, and spending some time at Hemingway’s fabulous beachfront/pool area we decided to stop at Pekara’s for lunch on the way out of Juan Dolio. I’ve spoken briefly about Pekara before and visited their place on Carr Nueva (on some...

Art Class

The Art Class Down the Street

Last week both kids went to their first art class. Super close to the house – walking distance, in fact – and totally affordable, I left there excited about their new artful ways and also about the new phase they are heading into. This phase of discovery and experimenting where we begin to see what our kids emerge at and what they enjoy – beyond just the toys they choose to play with – is so exciting. They’re becoming real people – small, real...

Bagels & More Landscape

DR Guide: Bagels & More

So, this happened yesterday… Ask any respectable New Jerseyan and they’ll tell you that bagels anywhere else are just circular dough discs with a whole in the center. Husband’s brother, who used to live in Texas, would buy a dozen bagels or so whenever he’d come back to visit and take them home to freeze. For Jerseyans, there is no comparison. (You can chalk that up to one of the other reasons people hate on New Jersey. Because, seriously, don’t bagels suck?...

Jensen Beach Sunrise

Notes from a Local Scene: Jensen Beach Getaway

One of the many stops we made this summer was a layover trip to Jensen Beach, located on Florida’s Hutchinson Island. Through my parents’ timeshare, we booked a two-night stay at Vistana’s Beach Club before heading over to Orlando for the Mouse. The last time we stayed at Jensen Beach I was 16 years old and my sister and I made a ton of friends to pal around with for the week but what I remembered most about that trip were...