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Have Money, Will Travel: Make Extra Income from Your Anywhere Office

I don’t want to waste your time. If you’re here, it’s because you want to know how to make additional income for travel or any number of other reasons. Maybe you want to stay home with your kids, maybe you need extra money to support another endeavor you’re working on, or maybe the idea of not living paycheck to paycheck sounds great. Fabulous. Whatever your reasons for wanting extra cash, if you’re looking for a business opportunity Rodan + Fields...

margarita burn

Beware the Margarita Burn!

We all love a solid margarita, especially when you can enjoy one under the summer sun by a pool or on the beach. The tequila flashback of underage drinking in Mexico and the salty-rimmed reminder of What happened last night? Margaritas are big fun! They could also be the big brother of bad news. In this case, I’m specifically talking about the Margarita Burn. Hold up? Margaritas can burn you? You mean that figuratively, right? No I mean that literally. It’s all fun and...

Redefining Failure Pinterest

Coffee Talks: Redefining Failure Starts with Me

In the last couple of days, the same message has been popping up across my screen. It has come in different words and different medias and from different people but the message is the same. Choose failure. What? Choose to fail? What kind of bull… But wait. Hear me out. What if we gave failure a big hug – welcomed it right in – and used it to help us rise instead of letting it weigh us down? What if we looked at...