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As a travel or lifestyle brand, personal experience is everything. Customers are looking for content they can connect with, content that makes them feel something. Indeed, no customer has ever been sold just on practicality. People don’t book a specific hotel because they need to, they do so because they want to.

As a customer myself, it is important to know that I don’t sell products. I tell stories and cultivate relationships with readers that I respect and love. My readers take time out of their day to visit, read, and engage with my site and because of that I don’t write about accommodations I would never stay at, I don’t recommend restaurants I wouldn’t eat at again, and I don’t highlight styles just because they were free. My readers know that I write authentically and it is one of the reasons they come back and follow many of my recommendations.


“Next time we go to DR I’m calling you for tips on where to go to really experience the island. So beautiful.”  — Jodi

“Love this post… I told my husband about this Rancho Baiguate after reading your last post and we are now planning a trip over winter break…”   — Fiona

“Fell in love with the part about rivers, waterfalls, rafting and paragliding. I’m so checking this place out on my visit to DR.”   — Riselle

“Whatever you’re selling, I’m buying.”  — Wendy

“Hi, can I find addresses of the places you write about? For example this mercado in Santo Domingo, where is it exactly? As well the bagels and more –  Or the shrimp places in Las Terrenas? thank you a lot, awesome reading btw.”  — Barbara

“I fall in love with my country, (again) through your eyes” ♥️🌸🌺🌸  –S. Morel

As a writer, I can help connect you to a loyal audience. Whether you are a boutique hotel or new airline looking to grow and promote, an existing restaurant wanting to revamp and renew your reputation, a tour group hoping to become more family-friendly, or a product in need of personal exposure, I can help find the words and build relationships both on my site and yours.

For more information on how we could work together, questions about the media kit, or pricing, please reach out to me

A travel write up including a boutique hotel DTWB collaborated with finds great reach and engagement.

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