Halloween Candy Pails

The Sweet Tradition of Small Things: A Tale of Halloween Candy Pails

I have very visceral memories of running around on Halloween in my cookie-cutter, suburban neighborhood of New Jersey with my sister like 2 mad escapees. For a long time, we had matching costumes and for probably even longer we had matching Halloween candy pails. Thanks to our parents who usually – and with no intention – went bigger than any parent I knew, while everyone else was collecting candy in a normal bucket or pillow case, sis and I were sporting around the Cadillac of...

raising confident kids

13 Kickass Songs with Power Messages for Raising Confident Kids

I’ve been brainwashing our children. For some time now, I’ve been playing them a CD I purposefully crafted with – love your life, be strong & kick ass – type messages, a playlist for raising confident kids, essentially. And it’s working. Rafaella wails “Roar” by Katy Perry with such devotion,  it brings this proud mama to tears. I mean, she straight up nails it. The other day, on our drive up to Las Terrenas, I overheard Santiago in the back seat trying to...

beach vacation checklist for a weekend trip

Beach Vacation Checklist: A Wishlist for a Weekend Trip

Here’s a riddle: What do island people do after a hurricane? We go to the beach…  which is what I’ll be doing this weekend and at my favorite beach town on the island, nonetheless. You don’t need much to happy in Las Terrenas, just a few things: swimsuit, flip flops, and a drink in hand – but here’s my beach vacation checklist – some things on my wishlist for this weekend’s beach vac-heeeey. BEACH VACATION CHECKLIST ✅ WEAR ✅ BEACH COVER-UP Getting something that is...

Alone at Home During the Storm

Alone at Home During the Storm: A Lesson in My Marriage

I’ve been alone at home with Matthew – the hurricane that is – and school has been cancelled in the Dominican Republic for four days. Normally, it would be a welcome break. Normally, Husband would be home. But on Sunday, hours before we received notice of the first school cancelling, Husband boarded a plane for Mexico. Calm down, it sounds much more scandalous than it really is. He’s in Mexico on a work trip, a conference that happens yearly and...


SnapShots: Weekend Getaway at Cadaqués Caribe Resort

As promised last week (and then reminded by a Facebook friend), I’m reporting back with the scoop on our family weekend at Cadaqués Caribe Resort & Villas in Bayahibe, Dominican Republic. With online promises of mediterranean life meeting relaxed island vibes, I was thrilled to check this place out but wary. Was this place too good to be true? Swim the Caribbean and stroll Europe? Sand between my toes and cobblestone streets? Was this place really going to be able to deliver? Well, as you probably guessed,...

to the sibling that stayed behind

Coffee Talks: Comforting Words for the Sibling Who Stays Behind

A new phase began in our lives: our first child went off to school. But my concern was less for the one that went and more for the sibling that stayed behind. I’m a mostly rational adult that knows how to deal with uncomfortable feelings, and my emotional state was a mixed bag of sadness, uncertainty, and excitement. So what about our son, the younger brother and the sibling that stayed behind? I could only imagine his confusion. We’ve been fortunate to live abroad for the...

at the Romeo Santos Concert in Punta Cana