to the sibling that stayed behind

Coffee Talks: Comforting Words for the Sibling Who Stays Behind

A new phase began in our lives: our first child went off to school. But my concern was less for the one that went and more for the sibling that stayed behind. I’m a mostly rational adult that knows how to deal with uncomfortable feelings, and my emotional state was a mixed bag of sadness, uncertainty, and excitement. So what about our son, the younger brother and the sibling that stayed behind? I could only imagine his confusion. We’ve been fortunate to live abroad for the...

at the Romeo Santos Concert in Punta Cana
our 16 favorite Instagram pictures from summer

The Best Of: Our 16 Favorite Instagram Pictures from Summer

The life of an expat teacher returning to school can be pretty exciting. We meet the influx of new community members and melt into the embraces of the familiar friends we left in June. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, everyone is well rested and curious about each others’ summer break and thanks to Drinking the Whole Bottle’s growing Instagram gallery, many people followed along with us on ours. “I loved following all of your family’s adventures this summer,” a few have...

Redefining Failure Pinterest

Coffee Talks: Redefining Failure Starts with Me

In the last couple of days, the same message has been popping up across my screen. It has come in different words and different medias and from different people but the message is the same. Choose failure. What? Choose to fail? What kind of bull… But wait. Hear me out. What if we gave failure a big hug – welcomed it right in – and used it to help us rise instead of letting it weigh us down? What if we looked at...

Multi-Generation Family Vacation

SnapShots: A Multi-Generation Family Vacation

We often plan for family vacations but what about a multi-generation family vacation – a family vacation with not just your nuclear family but also your parents or in-laws? No. I’m not drunk or crazy talking. I’m serious. I know, I know. Planning a multi-generation family vacation could be tricky for many reasons: blending personalities, combining interests, limiting your thoughts of karate chops to the throat to once a day, and finding a place to go that works for kids, parents, and grandparents....

roots and vines

Made of Root and Vine

When a tree is planted, its roots grab on to the soil beneath and it begins carving its new home. Each day it digs in further; slowly and securely spreading its roots deeper. With each inch it becomes further invested in that space. The tree soaks up its surroundings. It makes its home and settles in the ground below. Here, it is nourished. It finds comfort here and grows here, and will grow here for generations to come… if you let it. I was a tree –...