6 Reasons Why a Lip Sync Battle Party is the Most Fun You’ll Ever Have

May 23, 2016

This year’s Lip Sync Battle Party was the best yet. It seems that every year, the performances get better. It always steps up a level, the competition is always changing but one things remains the same: a Lip Sync Battle Party is the most fun you’ll ever have. Whether you are a performer or in the audience, you are guaranteed to laugh so hard that you might pee your pants. I did… about 6 times.

Why is a Lip Sync Battle Party is the Most Fun You’ll Ever Have?

REASON 1 – It makes you anything you want to be

When else, as an adult, do you get to be anything you want to be? If you’re an actor – sure. And, ok, maybe at Halloween you get to dress up, but at the LSBP you get to, not just dress up, but embody someone. My first year, I raged as Janis Joplin and it made me “feel good.” I’ve been one of the Wilson Phillips, have reached into my inner 80’s spirit animal and Jennifer Beals in Flashdance-d my ass off. This year, we nailed Beyoncé’s “Single Lady” and I got to live out my 80’s dream of being the love interest of Maverick. It’s all been magical.


(Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” performance was a group act – two girls and two GUYS. Husband’s pale white, sexy legs were as incredible as you could imagine but due to privacy and the fact that some viewers may not watch this in the silly manner it was intended, I decided not to post all of its sexy glory here. However, feel free to shoot me an email and request the link. But here’s a pic to whet your appetite.)

Single Ladies Strut

6 Reasons Why a Lip Sync Battle Party is the Most Fun You'll Ever Have
Don’t Pay Him Any Attention

REASON 2 – It makes you brave

I said it last year and I’ll say it again, one of my favorite aspects of this party is that it “makes me aware, in the funniest of ways, that we all are capable of anything.” It takes a lot of courage to get up there and, quite honestly, make a fool of yourself. You’re putting it all out there for an audience and that could be downright scary to many people, but they get up there and do it anyway and I find that amazing. One of the best compliments I’ve received for this party was, “Being your friend definitely pushes me out of my comfort zone sometimes… and I like it.” (And I’d say, yeah, dancing around in a leotard like I was back in my younger days of dance competitions, praying (and duck taping) that all my jigglies stayed in place – B R A V E.)

Single Lady

REASON 3 – It brings you together

And what that tells me is that people don’t love leaving their comfort zone but they will, especially if they have people in their corner. By trusting in your community – or your people – to accept you, you open yourself up to a bigger part of life, a part that let’s people in and allows them to support and really see you.

REASON 4 – It makes you laugh

A friend told me that she went to a yoga class a few days after the party and her abs still hurt… from laughing. Her cheeks were sore and her lips hurt. Why? Well, when a friend you’d never expect to embody Eminem comes out and hardcore nails it or when a friend performs “Wrecking Ball” with her tall, strong boyfriend as the wrecking ball – you just can’t hold back and I dare you to try.

Danger Zone

REASON 5 – It makes you cheer

When I was in high school, I was school spirit in human form. I was all about cheering on my peers, my class, and my school. As a parent, someday, I’m sure I’ll cheer on my kids too. And for this evening, I could add friends to that list of people I get to hoot and holler for. It makes me happy.

REASON 6 – It reminds you what it feels like to be a kid again

One of the best things about having kids is you get to relive a time in life when silly was your daily goal. Eventually we grow up and we become more serious. We have fun but sometimes it’s restrained fun. With restrictions. Holding back. But not tonight. Lip Sync Party gives us the green light to let loose and go for it. Be silly. Be mischievous. Be loud. Be big. Be funny. Be anything. We’re all with you.


Fiesta Forever Lip Sync Battle

W A N T   T O   P L A N   Y O U R   O W N?

Read on and download materials so you could have your own Lip Sync Battle Party.

T I P S   &   D O W N L O A D S

> To add an extra measure of excitement, the first announcement for the party was this teaser using Adele’s Hello. Planning can easily be accomplished with a handful of well-crafted, funny emails (leave a comment/message if you’d like me to send you a copy of the emails I used).

> Planning can easily be accomplished with a handful of well-crafted, funny emails (leave a comment/message if you’d like me to send you a copy of the emails I used).

> Have a Plan B if your party is outside. Trust me. While rain here typically passes quickly, in the weeks leading up to the party, rain had been all Netflix & chill… and then chill some more. It was flooding streets and schools and up until the last minute there was no backup plan. Next year, you better believe I will have a second option.

> Here’s a copy of the Lip Sync Battle Party Rubric we use.

> This is our Lip Sync Superlatives sheet.Feel free to customize it to your needs.


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