The Malecon Kitten: Animal Avenger Strikes Back

December 1, 2011

We took our car yesterday to our mechanic on the Malecon. For my fellow driving New Jerseyans, the Santo Domingo Malecon is comparable to the New Jersey Turnpike but without rules. Those of you not familiar with New Jersey vernacular, it is a bat shit crazy highway.

When we were about to leave, I saw this adorable kitten hopping around the cars and running around the lot. Having been there before I was pretty sure it didn’t belong to anyone and when I asked they confirmed that the kitten had indeed just wandered in off the street. This tiny kitten wandered in off the Malecon at the exact time I was leaving? This was a job for Animal Jenvenger, I mean, Animal Avenger for sure. The thought of this little cat dodging cars on a major highway would have been reason enough but having saved my own dog, Olive from the street, I knew for sure I couldn’t leave the cat behind. Before the mechanics could even ask, she was coming home with us in the taxi.

Once in the taxi, however, I quickly realized that I had my own little cat at home, a newborn named Rafaella, and much like a baby, I had no idea how to take car of a kitten. A bit panicked I called our vet friend who said I could feed the kitten formula. I was in luck, we had a whole pantry full of formula. She also told me about Doggie House, a shelter in Santo Domingo, who’s director is affiliated with Carol Morgan. Doggie House’s director told me to post a picture and my information on the Facebook page.

Within a few hours, the post had resulted in a home for this lucky kitten.

Another animal avenged. Another animal saved.

Animal Jenvenger

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