3 Awesome Small Businesses to Check Out this Black Friday Weekend

November 23, 2017

Looking for books this holiday season? I know a girl.
Need nail wraps? I know someone.
Looking for delicious scents to fill your home? I got you covered.
Want some new makeup? I can help you with that too.

What if for this Black Friday / Small Business Saturday / Cyber Monday you didn’t just shop from anywhere but you shopped from me? Well, not me (exactly) but real people; a face instead of a logo. What if you put money back into the pockets of “mom and pop” style shops, shops that (with your help) send kids to college, pay for Little League, or ballet classes. This year, I’m going to try and make every gift I give from a home business (because why not support real people instead of trademarks) and I invite you to do the same.

Are you in? Awesome… here’s all you need: a laptop and wifi. And now tomorrow – turn off your alarm, keep those pajamas on, pour some Bailey’s in that coffee (because it’s Thanksgiving weekend and you can), and GO shopping from your couch. Check out these Black Friday deals from small businesses and get going.

Rodan + Fields

What can I say besides I wouldn’t stand behind something that I don’t a million percent believe in. Not only do I love this company and all they stand for (giving back, entrepreneurship, women empowerment — I could go on…) but joining the business is the best gift to give and the products are legit. Like, I post straight up pictures of my face on Facebook all the time with little to no makeup because these products are so legit. So let’s begin …

If someone said, “Here… test drive this Porsche for 60 days and return it with scrapes and dents after 60 days if you don’t like it”… wouldn’t you do it? Of course you would. Because duh. Well, we offer that for all our products because if you want real results you can’t dabble in cream here and there. Try it for real and if you don’t like it, return it – empty bottle – and get your money back. Where’s the downside?

Drinking the Whole Bottle Deal!*

If you mention the post, you’ll receive free enrollment as a Preferred Customer and a FREE Essentials gift.


My team is offering sooooooo many more gift ideas for everyone on your list with deals and special pricing so message me and I’ll invite you to join us at Unwrap the Glam, our virtual Facebook Blowout.

Black Friday deals from small businesses

Start with…

If you’re really looking to start taking care of your skin, I’d start with a regimen. We have lots of other products that compliment our regimens but again, if you want real results the regimen will get you there.

this is what consistent use of the regimens looks like. Add in the Bright Eye Complex and you’re on your way..

If you aren’t ready to get started on a regimen and would rather check out the quality of the products, I’d suggest Lash Boost. The results have been incredible for so many people and we’ve been featured in magazines, big-time beauty blogs, and TV shows for a reason. You wanna know if our products produce results? Try Lash Boost.

these are my personal results without mascara



Lip Sense

LipSense is brought to you by my friend Jod who is not a makeup person at all but currently obsessed with her LipSense.

It’s the perfect makeup product for people on the go. It’s so easy to apply and once applied and coated with one of our glosses lasts 4-18 hours! Can you imagine?? Never reapply again! As a bonus, when you use LipSense, your lips naturally exfoliate and the more you use the product, the healthier your lips will feel. She loves all the possible color combinations, as well as knowing she’s getting her money’s worth!

LipSense also offers opportunities for you to design the life you want to live. It is a fast growing worldwide company that not only creates vegan friendly products, they also foster the empowerment of women! #winning

Drinking the Whole Bottle Deal!

If you mention Drinking the Whole Bottle’s post and you will receive 15% off and a surprise gift!

Lip Sense Black FRIDAY DEALS

Look out for our 25 days of Christmas sales and promos starting December 1st! Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales will include 10% off purchases and a free gift for purchases over $60.

Start with…

It is best to begin with their starter kits, which are $55+tax. The kit includes a gloss, lip color, and remover.


If you are unsure or not into make-up, you can always begin with just a gloss. Your lips will thank you!


Contact Jodi here and she’ll help find you the perfect gift!



Our friend Jessica brings us LimeLight, an all natural, chemical, and cruelty free skincare and personalized pro-quality makeup company.  LimeLight empowers people to achieve their goals and dreams and to inspire others to do the same. Their family-owned company was founded in 1952 to provide professional makeup to the stage and film industry and is now expanding their reach to help women everywhere look their best every day with our all natural skincare line and personalized makeup palettes. Prices range from 12.00 to 84.00 for individual products.

Start with…

It’s hard to choose with all the amazing products but Limelight’s foundation is used by Beyoncé , Jennifer Lopez and Blake Lively. (Need she say more, people???) The foundation is 50 percent pigment. Wayne Goss, world-famous beauty blogger, has stated that this foundation is one of – if not – the BEST in the world. Jes loves the glowing coverage and how it makes your skin look flawless.


One Drop Wonder is full of super antioxidants, rich in Omega-6, and UV protective. It repairs damaged and aged skin cells and helps heal many common skin issues, including rosacea. The improvement this incredible oil produces is immediate and truly impressive.

LimeLight is offering limited edition holiday collections so contact Jes for more information and if you’re interested in hosting a party, you will earn 5% credit on total product sales!!!

Small Business Appreciation

Here’s the thing. When you buy a lip gloss or face wash or foundation from a big-time store, I am sure they are thankful for your business but they certainly don’t feel that purchase the way small, at-homes businesses do. When you buy from a small at-home business you are supoorting people’s lives and families. You’re supporting entrepreneurship. You’re supporting someone taking a chance on themselves. Don’t be afraid to reach out. I guarantee you know at least one person who started their own at-home business, probably more. Choose to buy your products from them this holiday season.

And if you don’t know anyone, I’m more than happy to direct you to the people I know.

Don’t forget… DTWB is also a small business and your contribution is kindly appreciated here too.

Thanks for being a…


*Rodan + Fields Black Friday Deals are personally sponsored. These are not company deals.

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