Dominican Independence Month Has Me Emotional AF

February 24, 2017

Today concludes Dominican Independence Month at CMS. The Early Elementary kids parade through the school in a parade while the older elementary kids participate on Comparsas, a show beyond all shows you’ve ever seen an elementary school put on. Throughout the school, there are celebrations and music and smiles. And I’m here, sobbing in a corner.

Ok, maybe that’s exaggerating. I’m not sobbing in a corner but rather all around in random locations. And don’t think Husband is any better. The two of us are doing our best to hold it together because today is an in-our-face reminder that this is our kids’ birthplace and that we’re leaving it behind soon. Uggghhh… hold on… ugly sobbing again.

Other years, we’ve enjoyed the grandiose celebrations of this day but more as outsiders. As a novelty. We embraced it whole-heartedly and Husband has been in many teacher comparsas dances but it was like going to someone else’s celebration. This year, with both kids in school and fully invested, it hit hard. There are too many people and too many places and roots too deep that we are leaving behind.

The kids walked around full of pride – wearing traditional clothing of the Dominican Republic. They danced merengue in the teachers’ lounge by no suggestion from Husband or I. In fact, Santiago demanded, “Musica, Papi,” as he grabbed his sister’s hand in preparation for their private show. They are Dominican not just because they were born here or raised here but because it’s in them. They are Dominican and this is their Independence Day.


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